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八月份 第 13 課

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  • (2010-08-18)------

  • UN Secures More Aid for Flood-Ravaged Pakistan
  • 聯合國獲得為巴基斯坦災區更多的援助
  •   The United Nations says it has received more than half of the $460 million it appealed for last week to provide emergency relief in flood-ravaged Pakistan.
  • 聯合國說,目前已經收到上星期呼籲的為遭受水災的巴基斯坦提供 4 億 6 千萬美元緊急援助的一半以上。

  •   After days of urging foreign donors to provide more aid, U.N. humanitarian spokesman Maurizio Giuliano said Wednesday that the funding is an improvement, with 54 percent of the target goal reached.
  • 在幾天來呼籲各國為巴基斯坦提供更多的援助之後,聯合國人道事務發言人朱利亞諾星期三說,資金情況有所改善,達到了預定目標的 54 %。

  •   Still, Giuliano said challenges remain.
  • 不過,朱利亞諾表示,挑戰仍然存在。

  •   U.N. officials have warned of a "second wave of death" caused by water-borne diseases without more aid to provide clean water, food and shelter.
  • 聯合國官員警告說,如果沒有更多的援助資金來提供乾淨水、食品和庇護所,巴基斯坦會面臨由於水源性疾病而導致的“第二波死亡”。

  •   On Wednesday, the European Union announced it would provide an additional $39 million in humanitarian assistance to Pakistan, bringing its total aid to $90 million.
  • 歐盟星期三宣佈,它將向巴基斯坦再提供 3 千 9 百萬美元的人道主義援助,這使歐盟向巴基斯坦提供的總援助金額達到 9 千萬美元。

  •   Three weeks of monsoon rains have triggered massive floods in Pakistan's Khyber-Paktunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh provinces, affecting 20 million people.
  • 三個星期的季節性暴雨在巴基斯坦的開伯爾-普赫圖赫瓦省、旁遮普省和信德省引發大規模的洪水,使 2 千萬人受到影響。

  •   An estimated 1,600 people have been killed and U.N. officials say more than 650,000 people are still without basic shelter.
  • 預計洪水已經導致 1600 人死亡;聯合國官員說,65 萬多人仍然沒有基本的棲身之地。


  • (2010-08-18)------

  • Indian Maoists Call for Cease-Fire, Peace Talks
  • 印度毛派分子呼籲停火與和談
  •   A top leader of India's Maoist rebels has called for a three-month cease-fire to facilitate peace talks with the government.
  • 印度毛派反叛分子的高級領導人拉奧呼籲實行 3 個月的停火,為同政府舉行和平談判提供條件。

  •   Koteshwar Rao said Tuesday that both sides should put down their weapons and suggested names of potential mediators.
  • 拉奧星期二表示,雙方應該放下武器,並提出可能的調停人的名字。

  •   The announcement comes two days after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appealed to the rebels to end their violent campaign.
  • 這個宣佈是印度總理辛格呼籲反叛分子結束他們的暴力運動兩天之後做出的。

  •   The Maoists say they are fighting for land and jobs for the poor.
  • 毛派分子說,他們是為土地以及為窮人能夠有工作而戰。

  •   In a speech Sunday in New Delhi, Mr. Singh said the Maoists should work with the government to speed up economic development of rural areas.
  • 辛格星期天在新德里發表的一個演講中說,毛派分子應該同政府一道努力,加快農村地區的經濟發展。

  •   Rebel violence has surged this year, with the Maoists mounting attacks on security forces and other targets. Hundreds have been killed.
  • 毛派分子對印度安全部隊和其他目標發起襲擊導致反叛分子的暴力活動在今年加劇。;暴力活動導致數百人喪生。


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