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八月份 第 14 課

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  • (2006-08-17)------

  • Media Rights Group Condemns New Internet Restrictions in China
  • 媒體權益組織譴責中國新因特網管制
  •   Reporters Without Borders is condemning a Chinese government decision to regulate online videos as part of new censorship restrictions on the Internet.
  • 記者無國界譴責中國政府決定管制網上視頻,做為對互聯網新審查限制的一部份。

  •   The organization said Thursday the new measures will make it impossible for users to post independent video creations on the Internet without official approval.
  • 記者無國界組織星期四說,新措施使互聯網用戶在沒有得到官方許可情況下,不可能把獨立製作的視頻創作放到網上。

  •   Beginning in late August or September, Web sites that broadcast short films will need approval from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.
  • 從8月底或是9月份開始,凡是播放視頻短片的網站,將需要得到國家廣播電影電視總局的批准。

  •   Short videos, often parodies of classic movies or events in everyday life, have grown in popularity in China, as they have elsewhere.
  • 像在其它地方一樣,常常對經典影片或日常生活細節進行諷刺的視頻短片,在中國日益流行。

  •   But, such films are controversial in China, where the Internet is closely monitored.
  • 但是,在互聯網受到嚴密監控的中國,這種短片有很大爭議。


  • (2006-08-17)------

  • Mongolia Prepares for Visit of Dalai Lama This Month
  • 蒙古準備這個月達賴喇嘛來訪
  •   Mongolia's largest Buddhist monastery says it is preparing for a visit by the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader.
  • 蒙古最大的佛寺說,他們在準備迎接西藏流亡精神領袖達賴喇嘛訪問。

  •   The monastery says the Dalai Lama will visit the complex in the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar, later this month.
  • 這個寺院說,達賴喇嘛將在這個月晚些時候訪問位於蒙古首都烏蘭巴托的這個寺院。

  •   The Associated Press quotes exiled Tibetan official in India as confirming the Dalai Lama's plan to visit Mongolia in the coming days.
  • 美聯社援引在印度的西藏流亡政府官員的話,證實達賴喇嘛將在未來數天內訪問蒙古的計劃。

  •   The Dalai Lama's government-in-exile is based in the northern Indian town of Dharamsala.
  • 達賴喇嘛的流亡政府設在印度北部達蘭薩拉。

  •   The Dalai Lama's previous visit to Mongolia in 2002 sparked angry protests by China, which views the Buddhist leader as a separatist.
  • 達賴喇嘛上一次訪問蒙古是在2002年,曾引發中國抗議.中國認為達賴喇嘛是分離主義份子。

  •   Around half of Mongolia's population follows a form of Buddhism that is related to Tibetan Buddhism.
  • 蒙古大約一半人口信仰一種與藏傳佛教有關的佛教。


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