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八月份 第 14 課

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  • (2007-08-20)------

  • China Says Iran Released Chinese Nationals Accused of Spying
  • 中國稱伊朗釋放被控間諜中國公民
  •   The Chinese foreign ministry says Iran has freed two Chinese nationals who were arrested last month on spying charges.
  • 中國外交部說,伊朗釋放了上周被以從事間諜活動被捕的兩名中國人。

  •   The ministry said the two were arrested in early July while helping local property owners with surveying. It said they mistakenly took pictures of sensitive sites.
  • 中國外交部說,這兩個人 7 月初在協助當地物業業主勘察時被逮捕,並說他們誤對敏感設施拍照。

  •   Iranian officials said the two entered the country as tourists and were caught photographing nuclear and military sites in northern Iran.
  • 伊朗官員說,兩人以遊客身份進入伊朗,被發現對伊朗北部的核設施和軍事設施拍照。

  •   China's foreign ministry said the two Chinese nationals took the pictures by "mistake" because they did not understand Iranian sensitivities.
  • 中國外交部說,這兩位中國公民因為不清楚伊朗的敏感地點而「錯誤地」拍照。

  •   The ministry published a notice on its Web site advising Chinese visitors to Iran not to photograph outside "obviously-marked tourist areas."
  • 外交部在其網址上發佈通知,建議前往伊朗的中國遊客除有明顯標誌的旅遊區以外不要拍照。

  •   Tehran has often accused Western nationals of spying, but allegations against Chinese citizens are unusual.
  • 德黑蘭經常指控西方公民從事間諜活動,但是針對中國公民的指控並不尋常。


  • (2007-08-20)------

  • Russian Aircraft Carrier Resumes Training Flights
  • 俄航空母艦恢復起降訓練
  •   Russian news media say the country's Navy has resumed flights of jet fighters from the carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", Russia's only operational aircraft carrier.
  • 俄羅斯媒體說,俄羅斯海軍恢復了在俄羅斯唯一仍在運作的航空母艦庫茲涅佐夫元帥號上的噴射戰機起降。

  •   The reports say 25 pilots from the Northern Fleet have been training aboard the carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" in the Barents Sea since mid-July and the training is expected to last the rest of the year.
  • 報導說,俄羅斯北方艦隊的 25 名飛行員從 7 月中旬開始一直在巴倫支海的庫茲涅佐夫元帥號航空母艦上接受訓練,預計訓練會持續到今年年底。

  •   President Vladimir Putin last week announced that Russia was resuming the Soviet-era practice of sending long-range bombers on regular patrols near NATO airspace.
  • 俄羅斯總統普京上星期宣佈恢復前蘇聯時期派遣遠程轟炸機在北約領空附近的例行巡邏。

  •   Monday, the Interfax news agency said the Air Force has completed training flights over the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, and the Black Sea.
  • 星期一,俄羅斯國際文傳通訊社說,俄羅斯空軍已經完成了在大西洋、太平洋、北冰洋以及黑海的飛行訓練。

  •   Mr. Putin vowed in June to build up Russia's military and intelligence capabilities, in response to U.S. plans for deploying a missile defense shield in central Europe.
  • 今年 6 月,普京誓言要加強俄羅斯的軍事和情報能力,以應對美國在歐洲中部部署導彈防禦系統的計劃。

  •   Mr. Putin also suspended Russia's participation in a key European arms control treaty.
  • 普京還暫停參加一個關鍵的歐洲武器控制條約。


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