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八月份 第 14 課

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  • (2008-08-20)------

  • Former Chinese Leader Hua Guofeng Dies
  • 前中國領導人華國鋒去世
  •   Chinese state media report former leader Hua Guofeng, Mao Zedong's chosen successor, has died.
  • 中國官方媒體報導,前國家領導人、毛澤東挑選的接班人華國鋒去世。

  •   News agencies said today (Wednesday) the 87-year-old Hua succumbed to an unspecified illness.
  • 新聞通訊社星期三說,87 歲的華國鋒死於未具體說明的疾病。

  •   Hua came to power after Mao's death in 1976, becoming premier and chairman of the communist party during the violent period of the Cultural Revolution.
  • 華國鋒在 1976 年毛澤東去世後掌權,擔任總理和中國共產黨主席;當時是中國充滿暴力的文化大革命時期。

  •   Shortly afterward, the leaders of the movement, known as the Gang of Four and including Mao's widow Jiang Qing, were arrested.
  • 華國鋒掌權後不久,包括毛澤東遺孀江青在內的文革領導人物,外界所知的「四人幫」被逮捕。

  •   Hua's role in the arrests is unclear.
  • 華國鋒在四人幫被捕中的作用至今不甚明瞭。

  •   The worst of the excesses of the period stopped, but Hua vowed to continue Mao's policies.
  • 文革時期最惡劣的暴行停止了,但是華國鋒誓言要繼續毛澤東的政策。

  •   His rule was short, being eased out of power by economic reformist Deng Xiaoping.
  • 他掌權的時間很短,逐漸被主張經濟改革的鄧小平削去權力。

  •   He stepped down as premier in 1980 and party chairman the next year.
  • 他 1980 年卸去總理職務,一年後卸去共產黨主席的職務。

  •   He is said to have lived out the remainder of his life in relative obscurity.
  • 據說他在相對默默無聞中度過餘生。


  • (2008-08-20)------

  • Bush Defends US War on Terror
  • 布希為美國反恐戰爭辯護
  •   U.S. President George Bush has defended the U.S. war on terror and his administration's efforts to keep pressure on terrorists.
  • 美國總統布希為美國的反恐戰爭以及美國政府持續向恐怖分子施壓的努力進行辯護。

  •   Mr. Bush today (Wednesday) addressed the same veterans group that U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain addressed in (the southeastern state of) Florida earlier this week.
  • 布希總統星期三向一個退伍軍人團體講了話;美國總統侯選人奧巴馬和麥凱恩本周初在佛羅里達也向這個團體發表了講演。

  •   The president touted his administration's efforts to boost support for veterans, modernize the military and unify the intelligence community to combat terrorism.
  • 布希總統誇讚他的政府努力加強對退役軍人的支援、促進軍隊的現代化及協調統一情報部門來與恐怖主義做戰鬥。

  •   Mr. Bush told the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention that the United States must not treat terrorism simply as a law enforcement matter.
  • 布希總統告訴海外戰爭退伍軍人全國大會,美國不應把恐怖主義僅僅當做是執法的問題。

  •   Instead, he said, the country must use all assets of national power to hunt terrorists in order to keep Americans safe.
  • 他說,為了美國人民的安全,應當調動全國一切資源力量來追捕恐怖分子。


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