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八月份 第 14 課

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  • (2009-08-20)------

  • US Jobless Claims & Mortgage Problems Rise
  • 美國經濟:疲軟就業,問題房貸
  •   A mixed bag of economic news Thursday shows a record number of U.S. homeowners having problems repaying their mortgage loans and more troubles in the job market.
  • 星期四關於美國經濟情況的消息眾說紛紜;有些顯示美國無法償還房債的人數達到歷史新高,就業市場也出現更多問題。

  •   At the same time, other studies show an improving economy.
  • 另一些報告則顯示了逐漸好轉的經濟狀況。

  •   An industry group (the American Bankers Association) says more than nine percent of home loans are one month or more behind in their payments.
  • 一個業內協會說,有超過 9 % 的房貸拖欠至少一個月的還款。

  •   Other measures of housing problems also hit record highs.
  • 另外一些衡量房貸問題的指標也衝至歷史新高。

  •   A separate report showed more U.S. workers applied for unemployment compensation last week.
  • 另一項報告顯示,上個星期,有更多的美國人申請了失業救濟金。

  •   Labor Department officials say the number of newly laid-off workers rose by 15,000 (to a total of 576,000).
  • 勞工部官員表示,新近失業的人數上升了 1 萬 5 千人。

  •   But a private research group (The Conference Board) says the U.S. economy will continue to improve in the next six to nine months.
  • 但是與此同時,一個私人調查公司的報告顯示,美國經濟將會在今後的 6 至 9 個月內持續好轉。

  •   Its index of leading indicators rose (by six-tenths of a percentage point to a reading of ) in July.
  • 7 月份的經濟領先指標有所上升。

  •   It was the fourth month in a row the index improved.
  • 這已經是連續第 4 個月的增長。


  • (2009-08-20)------

  • Afghan Election , Questions Linger Over Turnout
  • 阿富汗大選各地投票率參差不齊
  •   Voters in Afghanistan have cast ballots in the country's high-stakes presidential election, in a poll that had an uneven turnout.
  • 阿富汗總統大選各地投票率參差不齊。

  •   Afghan officials said scattered violence killed at least 23 people across the country.
  • 阿富汗官員說零星暴力活動導致全國 23 人死亡。

  •   Attacks were reported in Kabul, Kandahar and other major cities.
  • 喀布爾、坎大哈和其他主要城市都發生了襲擊。

  •   It is not clear how many of the estimated 17 million registered voters participated.
  • 還不清楚約 1700 萬註冊選民中有多少人進行了投票。

  •   Reports from polling stations around the country indicated pockets of both high and low participation.
  • 全國的投票站報告顯示各地投票率參差不齊。

  •   Election workers are now counting the votes, a process that could take 48 hours before initial results are known.
  • 選舉工作者現在正在計票;估計需要 48 小時最初結果才能揭曉。

  •   In Kabul and in northern Afghanistan, polls stayed busy in some places throughout the day.
  • 在喀布爾和阿富汗北部,有些地方的投票點整天都很繁忙。

  •   In the south and east, where fears of Taliban attacks were strongest, there are reports of very low participation.
  • 對塔利班恐懼最強烈的南部和東部地區,報告顯示投票率非常低。

  •   United Nations and Afghan officials have largely praised the balloting and the turnout.
  • 聯合國和阿富汗官員高度讚揚了選舉和投票率。

  •   But independent observers say it is too early for an assessment of the poll's success.
  • 但是獨立觀察員表示現在說投票成功還為時尚早。


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