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八月份 第 15 課

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  • (2006-08-18)------

  • China Raises Internet Rates
  • 中國提高利率
  •   China has raised its interest rates for the second time this year as part of measures to try to cool the country's booming economy.
  • 中國今年第二次提高利率,做為努力給快速增長的經濟降溫的措施之一。

  •   The central bank said today (Friday) that it is raising its one-year benchmark lending rate by point-27 percentage points, to six-point-12 percent.
  • 中國央行星期五說,將一年期基本貸款利率上調0.27%,提高到6.12%。

  •   The bank raised lending rates by the same margin in April.
  • 人民銀行今年4月以同樣幅度提高了貸款利率。

  •   China is hoping the move will curb the country's roaring economy, the fastest growing major economy in the world.
  • 中國希望這個措施可以抑制經濟的快速增長.中國是世界上增長最快的主要經濟體。

  •   The Chinese economy grew more than 11 percent last quarter, prompting worries of inflation and high debt.
  • 中國經濟上季度增長了11% 多,引起對通貨膨脹和高負債的擔憂。


  • (2006-08-18)------

  • Cuba's Acting President Makes First Public Comments
  • 古巴代理總統首次公開評論
  •   Cuban Defense Minister Raul Castro says his ailing brother, President Fidel Castro, is recovering well from surgery, and that the island nation has taken precautions to prevent aggression against the country.
  • 古巴國防部長勞爾.卡斯特羅說,他患病的哥哥、古巴總統卡斯特羅手術後恢復良好.他還說,這個島國已經採取了應付外來侵略的防禦措施。

  •   Raul's comments in today's (Friday's) edition of Cuba's official newspaper are his first public statements since temporarily assuming presidential powers last month.
  • 在星期五官方媒體上發表的勞爾的評論是自他上個月臨時代理總統職務以來,第一次公開發表聲明。

  •   The younger Castro says Fidel's recovery is due to "his exceptional physical and mental nature."
  • 勞爾.卡斯特羅說,卡斯特羅的恢復是因為他有「超常的體力和意志」。

  •   The defense minister says he mobilized Cuba's forces hours after his brother's illness was announced because Cuba could not, in his words, "rule out the risk of somebody going crazy" in the Bush administration.
  • 這位國防部長說,在他哥哥患病的消息公佈幾個小時後,他就動員了古巴部隊,因為用他的話說,古巴不能排除布希政府中「有人發瘋的風險」。

  •   Raul says he is not worried about international speculation over his public absence, explaining he is not used to appearing in public, except "when it is required."
  • 勞爾說,他並不擔心國際社會對他未在公開場合露面的揣測.他解釋說,他不習慣在公共場合露面,除非是「有必要的時候」。


EPT 美語
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