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八月份 第 15 課

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  • (2007-08-21)------

  • Views on Result of Beijing Traffic Control Vary
  • 北京交通管制效果眾說紛紜
  •   There are conflicting reports about whether a test run of traffic controls in Beijing less than one year before the 2008 Summer Olympics has been effective in improving air quality in the Chinese capital.
  • 北京在距舉辦 2008 年奧運會不到一年的時候,各方對北京試行的一種交通管制辦法是否能有效改善首都的空氣質量有不同的報導。

  •   Chinese state media reported Tuesday that the city's overall air quality improved during the four-day test, which removed more than one million cars from Beijing's roads each day.
  • 中國官方媒體星期二報導,北京市總體空氣質量在 4 天試驗期間有所改善.這次實驗使北京每天減少 100 萬輛車上路。

  •   The Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center said the air quality was classified as "fairly good" during the four days.
  • 北京環境保護監督中心稱,在這 4 天期間,空氣質量被列為「良好」。

  •   But independent reports said a stubborn gray haze shrouded Beijing throughout the test period.
  • 但是獨立報導則說,實驗期間北京仍然籠罩在揮之不去的灰霧之中。

  •   The government's own statistics showed the air quality over the four days rated among the top ten worst days of the month so far - slightly worse that the same period a year ago.
  • 政府的統計數字顯示,這 4 天的空氣質量屬於本月到目前為止最差的 10 天之列,比去年同期還要略微糟糕一些。


  • (2007-08-21)------

  • Five North Koreans Enter Indonesian Embassy in Vietnam
  • 五名北韓人進入印尼駐越南使館
  •   Indonesia's Foreign Ministry says five North Koreans have entered the Indonesian embassy in Vietnam, apparently in a bid to seek asylum.
  • 印度尼西亞外交部說, 5 名北韓人進入印尼駐越南大使館,顯然是為了尋求庇護。

  •   The ministry said that four women and one man scaled the embassy fence in Hanoi Tuesday, holding a piece of paper saying they wanted to go to a free country.
  • 印尼外交部說, 4 名北韓婦女和 1 名男子星期二翻越印尼在河內大使館的圍牆,拿著的一張紙上寫著,他們希望到一個自由的國家去。

  •   The ministry said they do not speak English or Vietnamese.
  • 印尼外交部說,這些人不會說英語或越南語。

  •   In July, four North Koreans entered the Danish embassy in Vietnam, seeking asylum in South Korea.
  • 今年 7 月, 4 名北韓人進入越南的丹麥使館,希望前往韓國尋求庇護。

  •   The defectors' cases are still being discussed with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • 這些叛逃者的案子目前仍在同聯合國難民事務高級專員公署進行討論。

  •   North Korean defectors have gone to European and Asian embassies in Vietnam in recent years hoping to gain asylum in South Korea.
  • 近幾年來,北韓叛逃者經常去駐越南的歐洲和亞洲國家使館,希望獲得韓國的庇護。

  •   In 2004, South Korea airlifted more than 460 North Koreans out of Vietnam. The transfers infuriated Pyongyang.
  • 2004 年,韓國從越南空運出 460 多名北韓人到韓國.這事讓北韓非常惱火。

  •   North Korea has close ties with Vietnam, a fellow communist country. But, Hanoi also has a cordial relationship with South Korea, which is an important investor in Vietnam.
  • 北韓與同為共產黨國家的越南關係密切,但是由於韓國是越南的一個重要投資國,河內與韓國也保持友好關係。


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