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八月份 第 16 課

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  • (2006-08-21)------

  • Saudi Forces Surround Suspected Militants in Jeddah
  • 沙國部隊在吉達包圍激進分子嫌疑人
  •   Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry says security forces have exchanged gunfire with suspected militants in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah.
  • 沙烏地阿拉伯內政部說,安全部隊跟激進分子嫌疑人在紅海港口城市吉達交火。

  •   The ministry says the suspects ran into an apartment building and began shooting at the police officers chasing them. The officers shot back, and have surrounded the building.
  • 內政部說,嫌疑人衝進一座公寓大樓,並對追捕他們的警察開槍射擊.警察反擊,並包圍了這座大樓。

  •   It is not immediately clear how many men are in the group, or whether they are on Saudi Arabia's list of people wanted on terrorism charges.
  • 目前還不清楚這群嫌疑人有多少人,也不知道他們是否列在沙烏地阿拉伯的恐怖份子通緝名單上。


  • (2006-08-21)------

  • Saddam Hussein Defiant in Opening of Second Trial
  • 第二個審判開庭薩達姆持抗拒態度
  •   Saddam Hussein has entered his second trial on charges of genocide that stem from a violent campaign against minority Kurds nearly two decades ago.
  • 薩達姆正在接受對他的第二個審判,罪名是他在將近20年前對庫德人發動的暴力行動中實行種族屠殺。

  •   The former Iraqi leader was defiant in the Baghdad courtroom today (Monday), refusing to state his name or enter a plea of innocence or guilt. The chief judge (Abdullah Ali al-Aloosh) entered a plea of not guilty for him.
  • 這名伊拉克前領導人星期一在巴格達的法庭上採取了抗拒態度,拒絕說出自己的名字,也拒絕做無罪或有罪的申訴.主審法官將此算做無罪申訴。

  •   Saddam and his six co-defendants are charged in connection with Operation Anfal, an Iraqi military campaign that killed about 100 thousand Kurds between 1987 and 1988.
  • 薩達姆和6名同案被告被控與「安復」行動有關,「安復」是一場在1987年到1988年間屠殺了大約10萬名庫德人的軍事行動。

  •   The slaughter began after Kurds were accused of aiding Iran during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.
  • 庫德人被指控在1980年代的兩伊戰爭中援助伊朗,然後他們遭到屠殺。

  •   The chief prosecutor (Jaafar al-Moussawi) told the court today (Monday) elderly people, women and children were sent to detention "not because they committed crimes but because they were Kurds."
  • 首席公訴人星期一在法庭上說,老人、婦女和兒童被送去拘留,「不是因為他們犯了罪,而是因為他們是庫德人」。


EPT 美語
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