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八月份 第 16 課

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  • (2010-08-23)------

  • Australia's Political Future to be Decided by Independents
  • 澳大利亞政治前途將由獨立派決定
  •   A handful of independent lawmakers will decide who gets to form Australia's next government.
  • 少數幾個無黨派議員將決定由誰來組建澳大利亞下一任政府。

  •   With nearly 80 percent of the ballots counted from Australia's closest election in decades, neither main party appears likely to receive a majority in parliament.
  • 將近 80 % 的議會選舉選票清點結果顯示,這次大選是澳大利亞幾十年來競爭最激烈的一次,兩個主要黨派中可能沒有任何一方會贏得議會的多數席位。

  •   That means Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott will be competing for the support of one Green and three or four unaffiliated legislators to form the country's first minority government since 1943.
  • 這意味著總理吉拉德和反對黨領袖阿博特將會爭取一名綠黨議員以及三名或四名無黨派議員的支援,來組建澳大利亞自 1943 年以來的首個少數黨聯合政府。

  •   The Green Party winner (Adam Bandt) has said he is likely to back Ms. Gillard's center-left Labor Party, but the independents say they want to hear from both sides before making up their minds.
  • 綠黨勝出者說,他可能支援吉拉德領導的中間偏左的工黨,但是無黨派人士說,他們想在做決定之前聽到雙方的觀點。

  •   All are from rural constituencies which lean toward Mr. Abbott's conservative Liberal-National coalition.
  • 這些無黨派人士全部來自農村選區,這些選區傾向於支援以艾伯特為首的保守派的自由黨和國家黨聯盟。


  • (2010-08-23)------

  • South Korea Considers Rice Aid for North
  • 南韓考慮對北韓提供大米援助
  •   South Korea's ruling party says Seoul is considering resuming food aid to North Korea -- but the government's main arm for handling relations with North Korea is denying any plans to do so.
  • 南韓執政黨說,首爾正在考慮恢復向北韓提供糧食援助,但是南韓政府處理與北韓關係的主要部門否認有這樣的計劃。

  •   Grand National Party spokesman Ahn Hyoung-hwan said government leaders are reviewing the issue after a meeting Sunday with the party's chairman.
  • 大國家黨發言人安亨奐說,政府領導人在星期天同該黨主席舉行會議後,目前正在審議這個問題。

  •   However, South Korea's Unification Ministry said Monday the government's stance on assistance remains unchanged.
  • 但是,南韓統一部星期一說,政府對援助的立場沒有改變。

  •   Meanwhile, China has evacuated more than a quarter of a million people from its side of the North Korean border following severe flooding.
  • 同時,嚴重水災爆發後,中國疏散了與北韓交界中國一側的 25 萬多人。

  •   The Yalu river, which separates China and North Korea, has risen to its highest level in a decade.
  • 劃分中國和北韓的鴨綠江的水位已經上升到十年以來的最高點。


EPT 美語
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