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八月份 第 16 課

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  • (2011-08-25)------

  • China Slams Pentagon Over Critical Military Report
  • 中國抨擊美國國防部中國軍力報告
  •   China is responding angrily to a new U.S. Defense Department report which describes the country's military modernization as a threat to regional military balances.
  • 中國對美國國防部剛剛公佈的一份報告做出憤怒的反應;這份報告說,中國軍隊的現代化威脅亞太地區軍事平衡。

  •   In a commentary Thursday, the official Xinhua news agency dismissed that suggestion as an "utterly cock-and-bull story" based on "a wild guess and illogical reasoning.
  • 新華社星期四的評論說,這完全是公雞和公牛的故事,完全是胡亂猜測和非邏輯推理。

  •   Xinhua also noted that U.S. military spending far exceeds that of China.
  • 新華社指出,美國軍費大大高於中國軍費。

  •   The Pentagon report to Congress was released Wednesday in Washington.
  • 五角大廈寫給國會的報告星期三在華盛頓公佈。

  •   It noted China has made major strides in the past year, including the development of a stealth jet fighter and initial sea trials of its first aircraft carrier.
  • 報告指出,中國在過去幾年有重大進展,包括發展一種隱形戰機和第一艘航母試航。

  •   Pentagon official Michael Schiffer told reporters that China will likely become a major military power in this decade.
  • 五角大廈官員邁克爾‧謝弗爾告訴記者,中國有可能在未來十年裏成為主要軍事強國。

  •   The report said the Chinese build-up appears aimed at preventing outside powers from interfering in any future conflict with Taiwan, but that China is also developing a capacity to project power into the western Pacific Ocean.
  • 報告說,中國軍力提升表面上是為了防止外部勢力未來介入台海衝突,但實際上,中國還在發展能投射到西太平洋的軍事實力。


  • (2011-08-25)------

  • South Korea, China Discuss Pyongyang's Nuclear Proposal
  • 南韓中國將討論平壤的非核化建議
  •   South Korea's chief nuclear negotiator is in Beijing for talks that will deal with a new North Korean proposal to freeze its nuclear weapons and missile programs if six-nation talks are resumed.
  • 南韓首席核談判代表目前在北京準備進行會談,討論如果恢復六方會談,將如何應對朝鮮提出的凍結其核武及導彈項目的新建議。

  •   The United States has already welcomed the offer but said it was not sufficient for a resumption of talks.
  • 美國已經對這一建議表示歡迎,但聲稱這還不足以恢復六方會談。

  •   The South Korean envoy, Wi Sun-lac, said on arrival in Beijing Thursday that the North Korean offer was one of the issues that would come up in his talks with China's nuclear negotiator, Wu Dawei.
  • 南韓特使魏聖洛在星期四抵達北京時說,朝鮮的建議將是他與中國核談判代表武大偉討論的問題之一。

  •   The United States and South Korea have insisted for months that North Korea must honor its past promises to dismantle its nuclear programs before they will agree to a resumption of the six-party talks, which would offer Pyongyang economic and diplomatic incentives to denuclearize.
  • 美國和南韓幾個月來一直堅持說,在美韓同意恢復六方會談之前,朝鮮必須遵守以往有關取消其核項目的承諾;六方會談將為平壤提供經濟和外交方面的好處,做為對朝鮮非核化的回報。


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