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八月份 第 17 課

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  • (2013-08-27)------

  • Insecurity Delays UN Team's Chemical Inspection in Syria
  • 安全考慮延後聯合國檢查小組活動
  •   U.N. investigators have suspended visits to suspected chemical attack sites in Damascus suburbs for one day because of security concerns.
  • 聯合國調查員出於安全考慮,把對大馬士革郊區疑似化學武器攻擊地點的訪問暫停一天。

  •   A U.N. statement said the team had planned to inspect one of the rebel-held suburbs on Tuesday after traveling to another affected district, Moadamiyeh, the day before.
  • 聯合國的一份聲明說,檢查小組原計劃星期二檢查反對派武裝控制的一處郊區;此前一天,他們曾前往另一個受化武影響的地區莫達米亞。

  •   That visit was marred by sniper fire on a U.N. vehicle.
  • 在那次訪問中,聯合國的一輛汽車遭到狙擊手的射擊。

  •   The United Nations said an assessment of the sniper fire determined that the team should wait until Wednesday before conducting another inspection, in order to "improve preparedness and safety."
  • 聯合國方面表示,對狙擊手的射擊進行評估後決定,檢查小組應等到星期三再進行檢查,以便準備得更充份,並改善安全條件。


  • (2013-08-27)------

  • US Postpones Syria Talks with Russia
  • 美國推遲與俄羅斯討論敘利亞局勢
  •   The United States has postponed a meeting with Russian officials scheduled for later this week to discuss the situation in Syria, as Washington weighs its response to allegations that Syrian forces used chemical weapons last week.
  • 美國決定推遲定於本星期晚些時候與俄羅斯官員進行的會談,舉行這次會談是為了討論敘利亞局勢;目前華盛頓正在權衡對據稱敘利亞政府軍上星期使用化學武器一事如何做出反應。

  •   The talks Wednesday in the Hague were due to be the latest in the U.S.-Russian bid to find a political solution to the crisis.
  • 美俄兩國致力於通過政治方式解決敘利亞危機,本來定於星期三在海牙舉行的會談是最新的一次努力。

  •   A senior State Department official said late Monday the delay is in light of the "ongoing consultations" on how to respond to reports of chemical weapons use in Syria.
  • 美國國務院一名高層官員星期一晚間說,鋻於有關方面目前正在磋商,如何對敘利亞使用化學武器的報導做出反應,因此推遲這次美俄會談。

  •   Russian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Gennady Gatilov said Russia regrets the U.S. decision.
  • 俄羅斯外交部副部長加提諾夫說,俄羅斯對美國做出這一決定表示遺憾。

  •   A White House spokesman said Monday there is "very little doubt" the Syrian government used chemical weapons.
  • 白宮發言人星期一說,敘利亞政府使用了化學武器,對此幾乎沒有疑問。

  •   Russia, a Syrian ally, has dismissed the allegations, saying the United States and other Western nations do not have proof of such an attack.
  • 敘利亞的盟友俄羅斯對有關指稱不予理睬,說美國和其他西方國家沒有證據證明敘利亞發生過化武襲擊。

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