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八月份 第 17 課

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  • (2007-08-23)------

  • Chinese Official Says No Hope of Survivors in Mine Disaster
  • 中國官員稱無望找到礦難生還者
  •   A Chinese official says there is "no hope" of finding survivors of a flood in a coal mine that trapped 181 workers.
  • 一名中國的官員說,已經「沒有希望」找到因洪水而被困在礦井內的 181 名礦工中的生還者。

  •   Shandong province deputy governor Huang Sheng told reporters Thursday that water is still being pumped out of the mine, but that there is no chance of the workers having survived.
  • 山東省副省長黃聖在星期四對媒體說,水泵仍在從礦井向外抽水,但是礦工已經沒有生還的希望。

  •   The coal miners have been missing since Friday, when the rain-swollen Wen River burst through a levee and flooded at least two mine shafts.
  • 這些礦工上星期五失蹤,大雨導致水位上漲的柴汶河衝破了河堤,灌進至少兩座礦井。

  •   Provincial authorities say violence erupted Monday between mine managers and relatives of the miners, after five men accused the officials of withholding information on the fate of their trapped relatives.
  • 山東省當局說,煤礦的管理人員和被困礦工的家屬星期一發生了暴力衝突,有 5 名男子指稱有關官員隱瞞有關他們被困親人的真相。

  •   Frustrated relatives said they were getting more information from the Internet and television than from authorities at the scene.
  • 憤怒的親屬說,他們從互聯網和電視上得到的消息比從現場有關部門那裡得到的還要多。


  • (2007-08-23)------

  • UN Warns World at Greater Risk from Infectious Diseases
  • 聯合國警告世界面臨更大傳染病風險
  •   The World Health Organization says infectious diseases are spreading around the world at a faster rate than ever before, making them more difficult to treat.
  • 世界衛生組織說,傳染病正以前所未有的速度在世界各地傳播,使疾病更難治療。

  •   In its annual World Health Report issued Thursday, the United Nations agency says one or more new diseases have been identified every year since the 1970s, a rate it says is "unprecedented."
  • 聯合國機構世衛組織星期四發佈的年度世界衛生報告說, 20 世紀 70 年代以來,每年都會發現一種或一種以上的新傳染病.報告說這種速度是「空前」的。

  •   The agency also says efforts to control such well-known diseases as tuberculosis have been compromised as they evolve into stronger, more drug-resistant forms.
  • 世衛組織還說,結核病等眾所周知的傳染病正在演變成為更頑固、抗藥性更強的類型,破壞了控制疾病的努力。

  •   WHO says the spread of infectious diseases is due to growth of international air travel over the last 50 years.
  • 世衛組織說,傳染病擴散的原因是過去 50 年來國際空中旅客的增加。

  •   WHO has confirmed more than 11-hundred outbreaks of different diseases over the past five years alone.
  • 僅在過去 5 年中,世衛組織就確認了 1100 多起疫情的爆發。

  •   It is urging greater cooperation among its 193 members in reporting health outbreaks and sharing viruses to help develop vaccines.
  • 世界衛生組織呼籲 193 個成員國在疫情通報以及分享病毒以幫助開發防疫苗的方面加強合作。


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