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八月份 第 18 課

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  • (2006-08-23)------

  • Investigators Find Flight Recorders From Crashed Russian Jet in Ukraine
  • 搜尋人員找到在烏墜毀俄客機黑盒子
  •   In eastern Ukraine, searchers recovered both flight recorders Wednesday from the wreckage of a Russian jet that went down Tuesday, killing all 170 people on the plane.
  • 在烏克蘭東部,搜尋人員星期三從一架星期二墜毀的俄羅斯客機殘骸中找到了兩個飛行數據記錄器.這架客機星期二墜毀,機上170人員全部遇難。

  •   The aircraft crashed during a severe thunderstorm and erupted in a ball of flames. No one survived.
  • 飛機在大雷雨中墜落,起火燃燒,無一人倖免。

  •   If the flight data recorder and the device that records cockpit conversation prove to be intact, they could point to a definite cause for the crash.
  • 如果飛行數據記錄器和駕駛艙錄音器完好,就可能確定這次墜機的原因。

  •   Russian and Ukrainian officials have said the TU-154 jet may have been hit by lightning, or slammed to the ground by a sudden wind change in the midst of a violent storm.
  • 俄羅斯和烏克蘭官員說,這架圖-154客機可能被閃電擊中,或者在暴雨中受到氣流突然變化的影響而墜落。

  •   Russian and Ukrainian investigators who found the flight recorders have been studying burned fragments of the plane, which lie scattered across a marshy rural area.
  • 發現飛行數據記錄器的俄羅斯和烏克蘭調查人員正在研究燒焦的客機碎片.這些碎片散落在一個沼澤遍佈的農村地區。


  • (2006-08-23)------

  • South Korea Urges North Korea not to Conduct Nuclear Test
  • 韓國呼籲北韓不要進行核試驗
  •   South Korea is urging North Korea not to test nuclear warheads, warning that such action would seriously threaten international stability.
  • 韓國呼籲北韓不要試驗核彈頭,警告說這種舉動將對國際穩定構成嚴重威脅。

  •   South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon says a nuclear test by North Korea would have much more serious consequences for the reclusive state than the diplomatic protests against Pyongyang's missile launches last month.
  • 韓國外交通商部長官潘基文說,如果北韓進行核試驗,那麼對這個封閉的共產黨國家造成的後果將遠比平壤上月發射導彈所引發的外交抗議嚴重。

  •   Ban said in Seoul Wednesday that any nuclear test by the North would "shake the foundation of international nonproliferation efforts" and further isolate North Korea.
  • 潘基文星期三在首爾說,北韓進行的任何核試驗將「動搖國際社會核不擴散努力的基礎」,並將使北韓更加孤立。

  •   Ban says concerned countries are sharing intelligence and monitoring the situation closely.
  • 潘基文表示,有關國家正彼此交流情報,並密切注視局勢。


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