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八月份 第 18 課

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  • (2007-08-24)------

  • Eight Kilograms of Uranium Missing in China
  • 八公斤鈾在中國下落不明
  •   China's state-run media say eight kilograms of radioactive uranium has gone missing in China, delaying the verdict in a trial of four men accused of trying to sell it on the black market.
  • 中國官方媒體報導說, 8 公斤放射性物質鈾在中國下落不明,對被控試圖在黑市出售這些鈾的 4 名男子的判決推遲。

  •   The China Daily newspaper reported Friday that the men tried to sell the nuclear weapons-grade uranium between 2005 and January of this year.
  • 中國日報星期五報導,這 4 人在 2005 年到今年 1 月企圖出售核武器級別的鈾。

  •   The report says the suspects were arrested early this year after a potential buyer reported them to authorities.
  • 報導說,今年年初,一位潛在客戶向當局報告了他們的情況,這些嫌疑人被捕。

  •   China Daily says police have not been able to locate the uranium, and that the men say they do not know where it is.
  • 中國日報說,警方始終未找到鈾的去向.這幾名男子說,他們不知道鈾在哪裡。

  •   The report says the court in Guangdong province will continue the trial and not reach a verdict until the uranium is found.
  • 報導說,廣東省法庭對他們的審判還會繼續,但是在鈾找到前不會做出判決。

  •   In China, illegally trading in uranium can be punished by death.
  • 在中國,非法買賣鈾有可能判處死刑。


  • (2007-08-24)------

  • Doping Athletes Forbidden to Participate Coming Olympic Games
  • 服禁藥運動員禁參加下屆奧運
  •   President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge says athletes who are caught for doping offenses will be banned from the next Olympic games.
  • 國際奧委會主席羅格說,那些被發現違反了禁服興奮劑規定的運動員將被禁止參加下屆奧運會。

  •   Jacques Rogge announced the tougher policy Friday in Osaka, Japan on the eve of the World Athletics Championship.
  • 羅格星期五在日本大阪世界田徑錦標賽開幕前夕宣佈了這項更為嚴格的政策。

  •   He told reporters that any athlete who received a suspension of six months or more for doping will be banned from the next Olympics.
  • 他對媒體說,任何因服用興奮劑而被停賽 6 個月或更長的運動員將被禁止參加下屆奧運會。

  •   The IOC president also backed a proposal by the International Association of Athletics Federation that would increase the ban for serious first-time offenders from two years to four years.
  • 這位國際奧委會主席還支持國際田徑聯合會提出的一項建議.按照這項建議,首犯但情節嚴重者的禁賽期將從 2 年延長為 4 年。

  •   Rogge says athletes will be automatically suspended if their initial sample tests positive for banned substances.
  • 羅格說,如果運動員在違禁物質的初次檢測呈陽性反應,就將被自動地停賽。

  •   But he says athletes could receive lighter sentences if they reveal people involved in doping.
  • 不過他說,運動員如果能揭露其它捲入服用興奮劑的人,就有可能從輕處罰。


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