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八月份 第 18 課

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  • (2008-08-26)------

  • Democrats Call For Unity on First Day of Convention
  • 黨代會第一天民主黨人呼籲團結
  •   Speakers at the U.S. Democratic National Convention stressed the need for their party to unite and work together towards common goals, as the party's convention opened in Denver, Colorado (Monday).
  • 美國民主黨全國代表大會星期一在科羅拉多州的丹佛開幕,發言者強調維護黨內團結以及為實現共同目標而努力的必要。

  •   The wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama told delegates they have an obligation to, as she put it, "fight for the world as it should be".
  • 民主黨總統候選人奧巴馬的夫人對與會代表說,他們有義務,用她的話說,「為本應有的世界奮鬥」。

  •   She described her husband as a strong believer in social justice, committed to achieving the "American dream" of financial security and opportunity for all.
  • 她講述說,她的丈夫堅信社會正義,並致力於為所有人實現有財政保障和機會的「美國夢」。

  •   Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill described Obama as "someone who understands the real America" and can bring together people from diverse walks of life.
  • 民主黨參議員麥卡斯基爾說,奧巴馬「瞭解真正的美國」,可以讓社會各階層的人團結起來。

  •   She attacked his Republican rival, John McCain, as someone backed by, in her words, "the powerful, the few, and the extremely wealthy."
  • 她抨擊共和黨對手麥凱恩,用她的話說,得到「有權勢的極少數富有階層」的支援。


  • (2008-08-27)------

  • China Chemical Plant Blast Death Toll Rises to 20
  • 中國一化工廠爆炸死亡人數升至二十人
  •   Chinese state media say the death toll from Tuesday's explosions at a chemical plant in southern China has risen to 20 people.
  • 中國官方媒體報導說,中國南方一家化工廠星期二發生爆炸的死亡人數上升到 20 人。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency also says about 60 other people were injured when a series of explosions ripped through the plant in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
  • 官方的新華社還說,廣西壯族自治區的這家化工廠各處發生的連環爆炸還造成大約 60 人受傷。

  •   The head of a local toxic emergency center, Ge Xianmin, told Xinhua today (Wednesday) that poisonous gases - mainly sulfurated hydrogen and carbon monoxide - are still being released from the site.
  • 當地處理中毒急救中心主任葛憲民星期三對新華社說,爆炸現場仍然在釋放出主要是硫化氫和一氧化碳的有毒氣體。

  •   On Tuesday, authorities evacuated more than 11-thousand people from within three kilometers of the Yizhou city plant.
  • 當局星期二把在這家宜州市化工廠方圓 3 公里內的 1 萬 1 千多名居民撤離。

  •   Ge tells Xinhua that residents within one kilometer of the site should be safe, but that rescue workers still need to wear masks.
  • 葛憲民對新華社說,距事故地點 1 公里的居民應該是安全的,但是搶救人員仍然需要載上防毒面具。

  •   The cause of the blast is still not known.
  • 發生爆炸的起因仍然不得而知。


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EPT 美語
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