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八月份 第 18 課

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  • (2009-08-26)------

  • US Senator Edward Kennedy, Patriarch of Powerful Political Family, Dies
  • 愛德華‧甘迺迪將被安葬於阿靈頓國家公墓
  •   U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, one of the longest-serving and most influential lawmakers in U.S. history, has died at the age of 77.
  • 美國參議員愛德華‧甘迺迪因腦癌去世,終年 77 歲;是美國歷史上最具影響力的議員之一。

  •   He was the youngest brother of the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy.
  • 他是已故總統約翰‧甘迺迪最小的弟弟。

  •   Kennedy's family says he died late Tuesday at his home in the small Massachusetts coastal town of Hyannis Port.
  • 愛德華‧甘迺迪的家人說,他星期二晚些時候在麻薩諸塞州小鎮海恩尼斯港的家中去世。

  •   The Democratic senator had been suffering from an incurable form of brain cancer for a little more than a year.
  • 這位民主黨參議員一年多以前被診斷患有無法治愈的腦癌。

  •   In a statement, the family described him as "the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives."
  • 他的家人發表聲明,形容愛德華‧甘迺迪是“我們家庭不可取代的中心人物,是我們眼中令人愉快的光亮”。

  •   He is to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting spot of his brothers former President Kennedy and former Senator Robert Kennedy.
  • 甘迺迪將被安葬在阿靈頓國家公墓,那裏安葬著他的兩個哥哥,前總統約翰。甘迺迪和前參議員羅伯特‧甘迺迪。

  •   Ted Kennedy had been missing in the U.S. Senate for much of this year due to his illness, forcing him to work on his lifelong signature issue, a national health care system, from his Hyannis Port home.
  • 愛德華‧甘迺迪今年大部分時間都無法在參議院工作,只能在海恩尼斯港的家中推動他畢生最具代表性的議題 - 全國醫療保健系統。

  •   He represented Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate from 1962, when he was elected to the seat previously held by President Kennedy.
  • 自從 1962 年獲選接替他的哥哥 - 美國總統約翰‧甘迺迪在參議院的席位後,愛德華‧甘迺迪就一直在美國參議院代表麻薩諸塞州。

  •   During his Senate career, he was a strong champion of liberal causes, including civil rights, education and immigration, in addition to health care. He often worked with Republicans to get legislation passed.
  • 在他的參議員生涯中,他一直是大力推動自由派議題的領頭人,議題包括民權、教育、移民和醫療。

  •   President Barack Obama, whom Kennedy endorsed during the 2008 presidential campaign, awarded the ailing senator the Presidential Medal of Freedom earlier this month.
  • 在 2008 年總統大選中得到愛德華‧甘迺迪支援的奧巴馬總統最近授予他總統自由勳章。

  •   Kennedy was not present at the White House ceremony.
  • 甘迺迪沒有出席在白宮舉行的授勳儀式。


  • (2009-08-26)------

  • Taiwan's Opposition Invites Dalai Lama to Visit Typhoon Victims
  • 臺民進黨邀達賴喇嘛赴臺為遇難者祈禱
  •   Opposition party officials in Taiwan have invited Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, to visit the island to pray for victims of a devastating typhoon that hit earlier this month.
  • 台灣的反對黨官員邀請西藏流亡精神領袖達賴喇嘛訪台,為本月初災難性颱風中的遇難者祈禱。

  •   The officials who extended the invitation to the Dalai Lama are local government leaders in southern Taiwan, the area worst hit by the passage of Typhoon Morakot.
  • 向達賴喇嘛發出訪台邀請的官員是台灣南部的地方政府領導人;台灣南部一些地區遭受莫拉克颱風的重創。

  •   They all are members of the Democratic Progressive Party, which has criticized the government of President Ma Ying-jeou for its handling of the typhoon.
  • 這些地方官員都是民進黨員;民進黨對馬英九政府處理救災不當大加抨擊。

  •   Dalai Lama spokesman Tenzin Takhla said Wednesday in India that the spiritual leader has accepted the invitation to visit southern Taiwan in principle.
  • 達賴喇嘛的發言人丹增塔拉星期三在印度說,達賴喇嘛在原則上接受訪問台灣南部的邀請。

  •   But Takhla said the Dalai Lama will not make the trip unless Mr. Ma's government approves it.
  • 但是丹增塔拉說,只有馬英九政府批准,達賴喇嘛才會應邀訪台。

  •   Beijing accuses the Dalai Lama of seeking independence for Tibet and strongly criticizes other governments for hosting him.
  • 北京指責達賴喇嘛謀求西藏獨立,並強烈批評有些國家的政府邀請達賴喇嘛訪問。


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