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八月份 第 19 課

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  • (2006-08-24)------

  • Chinese Official: 100 Million Poor People Not Getting State Help
  • 中國官員:一億人得不到國家補助
  •   A Chinese government official says up to 100 million poor people are not receiving state assistance because the official poverty line is set too low.
  • 一位中國政府官員表示,由於官方貧困線設定得太低,有多達1億的窮人得不到國家補助。

  •   Currently, Beijing says people are in living in poverty if they earn less than 680 yuan a year, or about 23 cents a day.
  • 北京目前認定,年收入在680元人民幣以下、也就是一天收入在大約23美分以下的才算是生活貧困。

  •   That figure places 23 million people in China below the poverty line.
  • 如果這樣計算,中國有2300萬人口生活在貧困線以下。

  •   The official China Daily newspaper quotes a poverty alleviation official as saying the poverty line should be raised to the internationally-accepted level of one dollar a day.
  • 中國官方的中國日報援引一位扶貧官員的話說,中國的貧困線應當提到國際普遍接受的水平,即一天收入在一美元以下。

  •   The report says a higher poverty line would raise the number of people classified as poor to between 120 million and 130 million, enabling more people to get state help with food, clothing and shelter.
  • 報導說,中國的貧困線提高之後,將把1億2千萬到1億3千萬人列為貧困人口,這樣就可以有更多的人在食品、穿衣和住宅問題上得到國家補助。

  •   The newspaper says the current poverty line is about one-fifth of the average person's income in China's countryside.
  • 中國日報說,中國目前的貧困線標準是中國農村人均收入的大約20%。


  • (2006-08-24)------

  • South Korea: Pyongyang Unlikely to Return to 6-Party Talks
  • 韓國:北韓重返六方會談無望
  •   South Korea's nuclear envoy says the chances of North Korea returning to disarmament talks are slim.
  • 韓國核問題特使表示,北韓重返解除核武裝會談的希望渺茫。

  •   Chun Yung-woo says North Korea has shown no signs of returning to the negotiating table.
  • 韓國特使千英宇說,北韓沒有表現出任何準備返回談判桌的跡象。

  •   Chun met with his Japanese counterpart, Kenichiro Sasae, in Seoul Thursday. They discussed the possibility that North Korea is preparing for a nuclear test, Chun says, but he gave no specific details.
  • 千英宇星期四在首爾與到訪的日本外務省的佐佐江賢一郎舉行了會談.千英宇說,他們討論了北韓可能正在準備進行核試驗的問題,但沒有提供細節。

  •   North Korea's nuclear weapons program has been a growing source of concern for the international community.
  • 北韓的核武器項目日益成為國際社會關注的問題。

  •   Recent speculation about a possible nuclear test has not been confirmed, but such reports have added urgency to the debate over Pyongyang's activities and motives.
  • 最近有傳聞說,北韓可能要進行核試驗.雖然這一傳聞還沒有得到證實,但是這類報導還是增加了圍繞平壤的活動及其動機進行討論的緊迫性。

  •   South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun will travel to Beijing in October to discuss the situation with Chinese President Hu Jintao.
  • 韓國總統盧武鉉10月將訪問北京,與中國國家主席胡錦濤討論有關形勢。


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