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八月份 第 19 課

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  • (2007-08-27)------

  • German Leader Pushes China on Climate Change, Intellectual Property
  • 德國領導人敦促中國關注氣候變化和知識產權
  •   German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to do more to fight climate change, and protect intellectual property rights.
  • 德國總理默克爾敦促中國總理溫家寶做出更多的努力來和全球氣候變化做鬥爭,並保護知識產權。

  •   Ms. Merkel met the Chinese premier today (Monday) in Beijing, during her second official visit to the country.
  • 默克爾女士星期一在北京會晤了溫家寶.這是她第二次正式訪問中國。

  •   China is considered one of the world's worst violators of intellectual copyrights.
  • 中國被認為是全球破壞知識產權最嚴重的國家之一。

  •   It also is fast becoming the biggest producer of greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.
  • 中國還在迅速地成為全球最大的溫室氣體製造國.溫室氣體是造成全球變暖的原因之一。

  •   Mr. Wen said China wants to fight climate change, but that it is difficult to reduce pollution because China is still a developing country that lacks the resources of rich countries.
  • 溫家寶表示,中國希望遏阻全球氣候變化,但是中國仍然是個發展中國家,缺乏富裕國家那樣的資源,因此很難減少污染。

  •   Ms. Merkel says she will use her three-day visit to China to tackle other sensitive issues, like the country's human rights record and Beijing's relationship with the Sudanese government.
  • 默克爾說,她會利用這次為期三天的中國之行來談論敏感的問題,包括中國的人權記錄以及北京跟蘇丹政府的關係。


  • (2007-08-27)------

  • Taiwan's Acer to Acquire Gateway
  • 台灣的宏碁計劃收購捷威
  •   Taiwan's leading computer vendor, Acer, says it plans to acquire the U.S. computer maker Gateway, making it the world's number three maker of personal computers.
  • 台灣最大的電腦銷售公司宏碁 (ACER) 表示計劃收購美國電腦製造商捷威 (Gateway) .這將使得宏碁成為全球第三大個人電腦製造商。

  •   Acer said today (Monday) that it is offering one-dollar-90-cents a share to buy the California-based Gateway in a deal worth 719 million dollars.
  • 宏碁公司星期一表示,它將以每股 1 美元 90 分的價格,收購總部位於加州的捷威公司.這筆交易的總價值達 7 億 1 千 9 百萬美元。

  •   The deal is expected to be completed by December, pending regulatory approvals in Taiwan and the United States.
  • 如果得到台灣與美國監管部門的批准,這筆交易預計最遲在今年 12 月完成。

  •   Combined sales of Acer and Gateway could top 15 billion dollars with more than 20 million computer shipments a year.
  • 宏碁與捷威合在一起的年銷售額有可能超過 150 億美元,年出貨量可達 2000 多萬台電腦。

  •   Acer currently is the world's fourth-largest computer vendor by unit sales.
  • 如果以賣出的台數來計算,宏碁是目前全球第四大電腦銷售商。


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