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八月份 第 19 課

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  • (2010-08-26)------

  • Fewer Americans Apply for Jobless Benefits
  • 美國申請失業救濟者減少
  •   The number of Americans submitting first-time claims for unemployment insurance is down, falling for the first time in four weeks.
  • 美國首次申請失業保險的人數下降,這是四個星期來的第一次。

  •   The Labor Department said Thursday that new claims fell by 31,000 last week, to 473,000, a sign the U.S. job market may not be deteriorating as quickly as some investors and economists had feared.
  • 美國勞工部星期四說,新申請失業救濟的人數上星期減少了三萬一千人,減少到四十七萬三千人;這顯示美國就業市場可能不像某些投資者和經濟學家擔心的那樣糟。

  •   The report also found that the number of Americans continuing to receive traditional unemployment benefits fell slightly last week, to under 4.5 million.
  • 勞工部的報告還發現,繼續領取傳統失業救濟的人數上星期也稍有減少,下降到不到四百五十萬。

  •   However, the number of Americans who are no longer eligible for traditional benefits and are now getting emergency or extended benefits rose last week to more than 5.8 million.
  • 但是,上星期,不再有資格領取傳統失業救濟,轉而領取緊急救濟或延長救濟金的人數增加到超過五百八十萬。

  •   Earlier this month, the Labor Department reported the U.S. unemployment rate was 9.5 percent, causing some to worry the country's economic recovery was sputtering.
  • 本月早些時候,勞工部說,美國的失業率為 9.5 %;這使一些人擔憂美國的經濟恢復在減緩。


  • (2010-08-26)------

  • Japanese PM Facing Party Leadership Challenge
  • 日本首相黨內領導人地位面臨挑戰
  •   A former head of Japan's ruling political party says he will run against Prime Minister Naoto Kan in an upcoming party leadership vote.
  • 日本執政黨民主黨的前任幹事長小澤一郎說,他將在即將舉行的黨內領導人選舉中同日本首相菅直人進行競爭。

  •   Ichiro Ozawa announced Thursday he is seeking to oust Mr. Kan as head of the Democratic Party of Japan in its September 14th elections.
  • 小澤一郎星期四表示,他尋求在 9 月 14 號舉行的選舉中推翻菅直人的日本民主黨黨魁地位。

  •   Ozawa's challenge comes as the government is struggling to deal with Japan's weak economy and surging yen, which makes Japanese goods more expensive in overseas markets.
  • 小澤一郎是在日本政府正面臨日本經濟疲軟以及日元高漲困擾的時候發起這個挑戰的;日元升值使得日本產品在海外市場更加昂貴。

  •   But Mr. Kan told DPJ lawmakers Thursday that Ozawa's candidacy was a positive move.
  • 但是菅直人星期四對日本民主黨議員表示,小澤一郎的參選是一個積極的舉動。

  •   The 68-year-old Ozawa was instrumental in the DPJ's historic parliamentary victory last year, which ended the conservative Liberal Democratic Party's five-decade hold on power.
  • 68 歲的小澤一郎對民主黨在去年的議會選舉中獲得歷史性的勝利起了關鍵的作用;民主黨的獲勝結束了保守的自民黨 50 年的執政。

  •   But he resigned as party leader before the elections due to a campaign fund-raising scandal.
  • 但是由於一個競選資金醜聞,他在議會選舉前辭去了民主黨黨魁的職務。

  •   Ozawa later served as the DPJ's secretary-general, the party's second-in-conmmand, before quitting that post in June.
  • 小澤一郎後來出任民主黨幹事長一職,即黨內第二把手,直到今年 6 月辭去這一職務。


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