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八月份 第 20 課

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  • (2006-08-25)------

  • Annan Confident of Getting Peace-Keeping Troops for Lebanon
  • 安南對籌建駐黎維和部隊有信心
  •   U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan says he is confident a 15-thousand-member peacekeeping force will deploy soon in Lebanon to oversee the cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah.
  • 聯合國秘書長安南說,他相信,1萬5千名維和部隊不久就能進入黎巴嫩,監督以色列和真主黨之間的停火。

  •   Mr. Annan is meeting Friday in Brussels with European Union foreign ministers. He said ahead of that meeting that he feels certain he will get the required number of troops.
  • 安南星期五在布魯塞爾與歐盟外長舉行會談.安南在會談前表示,他確信能夠得到決議所要求的維和部隊。

  •   France's President Jacques Chirac said Friday that the peacekeeping force does not need 15-thousand troops. He called that number excessive.
  • 法國總統希拉克星期五說,維和部隊不需要1萬5千人.他說這個數字太大。

  •   On Thursday, France boosted its troop commitment to two thousand. A contingent of about 150 French troops reached southern Lebanon Friday.
  • 法國星期四將出兵人數增加到了2000人.一批大約150人的法國部隊星期五抵達黎巴嫩南部。

  •   Italy has offered up to three-thousand troops. Several other European countries, including Poland and Spain, are expected to make a troop commitment. Still at issue is who will command the troops.
  • 意大利表示願意派遣多達3000人的部隊.波蘭和西班牙等另外一些歐洲國家預計也將做出派遣部隊的承諾.目前仍然有待解決的問題是維和部隊由誰來領導。

  •   France says it wants to take the lead but Italy does too. In newspaper interviews Friday, Italian officials proposed a shared command.
  • 法國表示願意領導,但是意大利也表達了同樣的意願.星期五,有報紙消息說意大利官員提議分享指揮權。


  • (2006-08-25)------

  • Third Suspect Arrested in Failed German Terror Plot
  • 德國逮捕未遂恐怖襲擊第三嫌疑人
  •   Police in Germany have arrested a third suspect in connection with a failed terrorist plot to blow up two passenger trains last month.
  • 德國警察逮捕了和上個月一起未遂恐怖事件有關的第三名嫌疑人.恐怖份子上個月陰謀炸毀兩列客車。

  •   The man was detained Friday in the southern city of Konstanz. Investigators say they have linked him to 21-year-old Youssef Mohamad el Hajdib, the first suspect arrested in the case.
  • 這名嫌疑人星期五在南部城市康斯坦茨被捕.調查人員說,他們發現他和同案的第一名嫌疑人、現年21歲的約瑟夫.哈伊比有牽連。

  •   El Hajdib was detained last Saturday in the northern German city of Kiel.
  • 哈伊比上星期六在德國北部城市基爾被捕。

  •   A second suspect, 19-year-old Jihad Hamad, surrendered to police Thursday in the northwestern Lebanese coastal city of Tripoli.
  • 第二名嫌疑人、現年19歲的哈馬德星期四在黎巴嫩北部的港口城市特裡波利向警方自首。

  •   Authorities say video surveillance cameras caught the first two suspects boarding trains in Cologne on July 31st and carrying suitcases packed with homemade bombs.
  • 當局說,監視錄像顯示,前兩名嫌疑人7月31號在科隆攜帶裝有自製炸彈的手提箱登上火車。

  •   The bombs were placed on trains bound for the cities of Dortmund and Koblenz, but they failed to explode.
  • 炸彈被放置到開往多爾特孟德和科布倫茨的火車上,但是沒有爆炸。


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