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十月份 第 02 課

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  • (2007-10-02)------

  • North, South Korean Leaders Meet in Pyongyang for 2nd Summit
  • 南北韓領導人在平壤舉行第二次高峰會
  •   South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun is in North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, for his first talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.
  • 韓國總統盧武鉉在北韓首都平壤將與北韓領導人金正日舉行首次會晤。

  •   Thousands of cheering North Koreans greeted Mr. Roh Tuesday as his motorcade arrived in Pyongyang.
  • 在平壤,數以千計北韓民眾在盧武鉉的車隊抵達平壤時歡呼迎接。

  •   By contrast, Mr. Kim was unsmiling as he greeted his South Korean counterpart.
  • 相反地,北韓領導人金正日在歡迎盧武鉉的時候面無笑容。

  •   The two did not have any public conversation beyond saying "nice to meet you."
  • 雙方除了問候「很高興見到你」外,沒有在公眾場合進行任何交談。

  •   North Korea's number-two leader, Kim Yong Nam, later hosted a dinner for Mr. Roh, but Kim Jong Il did not attend.
  • 北韓第二號人物金永南晚些時候為盧武鉉主持了歡迎晚宴,但是金正日沒有出席。

  •   Mr. Kim and Mr. Roh are due to have their first formal talks on Wednesday.
  • 盧武鉉和金正日定於星期三進行首次正式會談。

  •   It is only the second summit between the divided Koreas since a truce ended the Korean War in 1953.
  • 這是自從 1953 年韓戰達成停火、朝鮮半島一分為二之後,兩國進行的第二次高峰會晤。

  •   Mr. Roh has said his goal for the summit is to encourage inter-Korean peace.
  • 盧武鉉說,他出席峰會的目的是為了推動韓國與北韓之間的和平。

  •   But he has been vague on the agenda, and critics doubt he will achieve much.
  • 但是他對議題含糊其詞;批評人士質疑他能否有所收穫。


  • (2007-10-02)------

  • UN Special Envoy Meets With Burma's Military Leader
  • 聯合國特使會晤緬甸軍事領導人
  •   Officials in Burma say United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari met with the military ruled country's top leader, General Than Shwe, Tuesday in an effort to help resolve Burma's political crisis.
  • 在緬甸的有關官員說,聯合國特使易卜拉欣.甘巴里星期二會晤了統治緬甸的軍政府最高領導人丹瑞大將軍,尋求協助解決緬甸政治危機。

  •   The talks took place in Naypidaw, far away from Rangoon, the city where massive protests were crushed last week.
  • 雙方在遠離仰光的內比都舉行了會談.上個星期,大規模的抗議活動在仰光遭到鎮壓。

  •   Gambari was expected to ask the general and his government to stop its repression of protesters, release detainees and move toward real democratic reforms.
  • 預計,甘巴里要求丹瑞大將軍和他的政府停止鎮壓示威者,釋放在押人士,走向真正的民主改革。

  •   Burma's leaders have said that 10 people died last week during the crackdown and blamed the uprising on "political opportunists."
  • 緬甸領導人說過,有 10 人在上星期的鎮壓中死亡,並指責抗議是由「政治投機者」所挑起。

  •   Human rights groups fear the death toll could be higher.
  • 人權活動人士擔心實際死亡人數可能更多。

  •   In an address on Monday to the U.N. General Assembly, Burma's foreign minister said the military action was necessary to restore law and order.
  • 緬甸外交部長星期一在紐約聯大會議上發言說,為了恢復法律與秩序,軍方的行動是必要的。


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