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第二部 第九課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Say, I'm sorry but we just sold the last TV set we had on sale.
  • 對不起,我們剛剛把最後一台減價的電視機賣掉了....
  • But I'll give you a rain check so you can still get the special price
  • 但是我會給你一張 rain check,這樣,你仍然可以按減價的價錢來買這個電視機。...
  • when we get in a fresh stock a couple weeks from now.
  • 再過兩三個星期我們進了貨的時候。
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  • I'd love to go out with you, Ben.
  • 本恩,我很願意跟你出去玩....
  • I'm sorry I'm busy tonight, but I'd like a rain check.
  • 但是很抱歉的是我今天晚上很忙,我們下回一定會跟你出去玩兒好嗎?
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  • I really feel sorry for Mike.
  • 我真是為邁克感到難受....
  • First his wife left him. Next he lost his job.
  • 首先是他的太太離開了他,然後,他又丟了工作;...
  • Then somebody stole his car. Like they say, it never rains but it pours.
  • 接著,他的車子又被人偷了.這真是像人們所說的:禍不單行呀。
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  • Oh boy! You can't believe the trouble I had today.
  • 唉,你很難相信今天我有多倒霉....
  • My alarm clock didn't go off, so I missed biology class.
  • 首先,我的鬧鐘沒響,所以我沒去上生物課....
  • Then, I lost my home work assignment for math.
  • 然後,我又把我的數學作業給弄丟了....
  • I invited my girlfriend to lunch and after we ate,
  • 我請我的女朋友吃午飯,吃完飯後...
  • I found I'd left my wallet at home. When it rains it pours.
  • 我才發現我把錢包忘在家裡了.唉,這可真是禍不單行呀。
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EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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