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三月份 第 18 課

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  • (2009-03-25) ------

  • Chinese Police Formally Arrest 12 in Beijing Hotel Fire
  • 中國警方正式逮捕北京一酒店大火案十二人
  •   Chinese police have formally arrested 12 people suspected of involvement in a massive Beijing fire that destroyed an unfinished hotel and killed a firefighter last month.
  • 中國警方正式逮捕了涉嫌涉及北京一場大火的 12 人;那場大火燒燬了一座尚未完工的酒店,並造成一名消防人員喪生。

  •   Investigators say a display of illegal fireworks, organized by Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), caused the raging inferno on February 10th.
  • 調查人員說,中國國營的中央電視臺 2 月 10 號的非法燃放煙火導致了那場烈火。

  •   The suspects had been detained previously, but Chinese media report they were not officially arrested until this month.
  • 這些嫌疑人早先已經被拘留,但是中國媒體報導,直到這個月他們才被正式逮捕。

  •   Those arrested include the former head of CCTV's construction bureau.
  • 被逮捕者包括中央電視臺新址建設工程辦公室主任。

  •   The fireworks display outside CCTV's new Beijing headquarters caused a fire in an adjacent structure housing the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
  • 在央視新臺址外燃放的煙火導致緊鄰的文華東方酒店起火。

  •   One firefighter died and several others were injured fighting the blaze in the nearly-completed hotel.
  • 在對這座接近完工的酒店滅火過程中,一名消防人員喪生,若干人受傷。

  •   CCTV did not secure a permit for the fireworks display, and it ignored police warnings to cancel the show.
  • 中國的中央電視臺沒有獲得燃放煙火的許可,並無視警方要它取消燃放的要求。


  • (2009-03-25) ------

  • China Says Number of Jobless Migrant Workers Rises to 23 Million
  • 中國說失業農民工人數升至兩千三百萬
  •   China says the number of unemployed migrant workers in the country has risen to 23 million, up from a previous estimate of 20 million.
  • 中國說,中國失業的流動工人人數已經增加到 2 千 3 百萬,超過以前估計的 2 千萬。

  •   China's National Bureau of Statistics said Tuesday it based the higher jobless estimate on a survey of 68,000 households in the months before January's Lunar New Year holidays.
  • 中國國家統計局星期二說,這個更高的失業估計數字是根據 1 月春節假期之前幾個月對 6 萬 8 千個家庭所做的調查得出的。

  •   A senior Chinese rural planning official (Chen Xiwen) estimated last month that 20 million migrants were out of work.
  • 一名高層中國農業計劃官員上個月估計,2 千萬流動工人失業。

  •   Chinese leaders have repeatedly warned of social unrest as more migrants return to their impoverished villages after losing their jobs in the cities.
  • 隨著越來越多的流動工人在城市失業後返回貧困的農村家鄉,中國領導人不斷發出有關社會動亂的警告。

  •   Many Chinese factories have laid off workers in response to the global economic crisis.
  • 很多中國工廠為回應全球經濟危機而解雇工人。

  •   The Chinese statistics bureau says about 11 million migrants could still not find work in Chinese cities in early March, after spending the Lunar New Year in their villages.
  • 中國國家統計局說,大約 1 千 1 百萬流動工人回鄉過春節後,3 月初仍不能在城市找到工作。


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