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EPT 美語
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第十部 第一課 --- 請重複跟讀,直到可以於聲音檔的留空之間唸完整句為止;熟練之後您必將可以 "脫口而出" 地說出標準的美式英語

  • run over
  • There are numerous toads that got run over by cars here.
  • Kirby can remember a long list of items just by running over it in a minute.
  • run through
  • We had run through the dance at least 10 times before the show.
  • This sword can easily run through a human body.
  • run with
  • I am worried that the group of friends Nanny runs with will lead her to do badly in school.
  • see about
  • Will you see about the flowers while I am away?
  • The police began to see about the complaints after a week.
EPT 美語
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