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口述 (楊大為) 第 048 首 (請大聲跟讀, 直到可以於口述的留空間隔唸完整句為止) [檢視96首 聽歌 的曲目]

  • Magic Words
  • 愛的魔語
  • I want you to come to me when you're feeling down.
  • 當你情緒低落時,我要你到我這裡來

  • Knowing I can count on you during hard times.
  • 我知道當我有困難時我可以依靠你

  • We will find a way but it won't come easy.
  • 雖然並不容易,但我們一定會找到解決的方法

  • When the yearning fades away, do we wanna stay?
  • 當渴望之念漸漸消逝時,我們還需要留下來嗎?

  • Trying to be strong for you like you're strong for me.
  • 希望為了你而堅強,如同你為我的一樣

  • Looking at you holding up so easily.
  • 看你做起來是如此地容易

  • When I'm having doubts about what I'm feeling.
  • 當我在懷疑我的感覺之時

  • The future worries are darkening my mind.
  • 未來的擔憂憔悴了我的心

  • That's when you come around.
  • 這時候,你來到了我身邊

  • I know I can be a pain to you at times.
  • 我知道,有些時候我會是你的一個痛苦

  • I just wanna find a way to compromise.
  • 我只是想找到一個妥協的辦法

  • I gotta learn to deal with you going your way.
  • 我想要學會用你的方式去處理事情

  • And though you can't be here with me sometimes.
  • 有些時候你不能與我同在這裡

  • I can't wait till you come around.
  • 我會等不及,直到你來到我的身邊

  • You belong to me, I belong to you.
  • 你屬於我,我屬於你

  • And the feeling's true, a sense of security.
  • 而這種感覺是真實的,那就是安全感

  • I love you baby, and I know you love me too.
  • 我愛你,親愛的,而且我知道你也愛我

  • When you say the words, the special words, the magic words...
  • 當你說這句話,這特殊的話,這愛的魔語...

  • When you say you love me.
  • 當你說你愛我

  • You just say that magic words and everything is fine again baby.
  • 親愛的,你只要說了那句愛的魔語,一切就又好了

  • You just touch me like I love and loving you feels new again.
  • 你只需如我所愛地撫摸我,全然愛你的感覺就又回來了

  • Sometimes I can get kinda low and I just wanna walk away.
  • 有時候我會心情低落,會想要走開

  • Then you just say magic words,
  • 而你就只是說了那句愛的魔語

  • Oh baby and I feel the sun shining down on me again.
  • 哦,親愛的,我又覺得燦爛的陽光閃耀在我身上了

EPT 美語
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