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口述 (楊大為) 第 096 首 (請大聲跟讀, 直到可以於口述的留空間隔唸完整句為止) [檢視96首 聽歌 的曲目]

  • Better In Time
  • 逐漸恢復
  • It's been the longest winter without you
  • 這個沒有你的寒冬漫長難熬

  • I didn't know where to turn to
  • 我不知道該往哪裡去

  • See somehow I can't forget you
  • 就是無法抹掉對你的記憶

  • After all that we've been through
  • 畢竟我們一起經歷那些種種

  • Going coming thought I heard a knock
  • 無助地徘徊,以為有人在敲門

  • Who's there no one
  • 但門口卻空無一人

  • Thinking that I deserve it
  • 我想我是自作自受

  • Now I realise that I really didn't know
  • 現在才了解我並沒有看透

  • Thought I couldn't live without you
  • 曾以為沒有你我會過不下去

  • It's gonna hurt when it heals too
  • 雖然傷口癒合了,但還是會痛

  • And even though I really love you
  • 儘管我真的很愛你

  • I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
  • 我會微笑面對未來,因為生活本就該如此

  • It'll all get better in time
  • 每一天我都會好好的過

  • I couldn't turn on the TV
  • 我連電視都看不下去

  • Without something there to remaind me
  • 因為它無法讓我清醒

  • Was it all that easy to just put aside your feelings?
  • 要忘掉對你的感覺真的很難

  • If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
  • 如果還在夢中,我不要歡笑了

  • Hurt my feelings but that's the path
  • 你傷了我的感情,但那會只是一個過程而已

  • I believe in and I know that time will heal it
  • 我知道時間會撫平這傷痕的

  • If you didn't notice boy you meant everything
  • 或許你沒有發覺到你曾經是我的一切

  • Quickly I'm learning to love again
  • 而很快,我將學著在愛一回合

  • All I know is I'm gonna be OK
  • 我會從傷痛中復原的

  • Since there's no more you and me
  • 既然你我無法再繼續

  • It's time I let you go
  • 該是讓你走的時候

  • So I can be free
  • 也可還我自由身

  • And live my life how it should be
  • 去過我該過的生活

  • No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
  • 沒有了你,無論有多難熬,我還是會過得好好的

  • Yes I will
  • 是的,我會的!

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