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八月份 第 15 課

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  • (2013-08-22)------

  • Bo Xilai Trial Goes on Trial in China
  • 薄熙來在中國受審
  •   China's most closely watched trial in decades began Thursday, as deposed politician Bo Xilai appeared in court to face charges of corruption, bribery and abuse of power.
  • 中國數十年來最受關注的審判於星期四開始進行,被罷免的政界人物薄熙來因貪污、受賄和濫用職權罪名出庭受審。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency says Bo told the court that he hopes the trial can be held "in a reasonable and fair manner and follow the legal proceedings of our country."
  • 中國官方的新華社說,薄熙來在法庭上表示,他希望審判能 “遵循中國的法律程式,以合理、公正的方式進行”。

  •   Government-run broadcaster CCTV reported the trial in Jinan, the capital of eastern Shandong Province, will last two days and that a verdict is expected in early September.
  • 中國國營的中央電視台報導說,在山東省省會濟南市進行的審判將持續兩天,預計判決將於 9 月初宣佈。

  •   Outside the court, police blocked off streets with large plastic barriers. Nearby, a few Bo supporters who held a protest were quickly hustled away by police for a second straight day.
  • 在法院外面,警察用大型塑膠路障封鎖了街道;薄熙來的一些支援者連續第二天在法院附近舉行抗議,但很快被警察驅離。

  •   The trial is not televised and foreign media were kept out of the hearing.
  • 沒有對審判進行電視轉播,外國媒體記者不准旁聽。


  • (2013-08-22)------

  • Egypt's Mubarak Released From Prison to House Arrest
  • 埃及前總統穆巴拉克獲釋出獄
  •   Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has been released from prison, adding another potentially complicating element to the country's ongoing turmoil.
  • 埃及前總統穆巴拉克獲釋出獄,這給埃及動亂局勢增添了一個潛在的複雜化因素。

  •   Egyptian judicial authorities ordered the release of the ailing 85-year-old from prison this week, saying he could no longer be held in custody during his retrial on corruption and murder charges.
  • 埃及司法當局本星期下令釋放身患重病的 85 歲的穆巴拉克,說在對穆巴拉克進行再審期間不得繼續將其關押。

  •   A helicopter picked up Mr. Mubarak at Cairo's Tora prison on Thursday and flew him to a military hospital near the capital, where he will be placed under house arrest.
  • 一架直升機星期四將穆巴拉克從埃及的托拉監獄接送到首都開羅附近的一家軍隊醫院,他將在那裏受到軟禁。

  •   Mr. Mubarak has faced murder and corruption charges linked to his 30 years in power and the 2011 popular uprising that ended his rule.
  • 穆巴拉克被控在他執政的 30 年間以及在 2011 年結束他統治的民眾起義期間犯有謀殺和貪污罪。

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