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三月份 第 05 課

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  • (2007-03-07) ------

  • China's Top General Says Military Will Stop Taiwan Independence Moves
  • 中國高級將領稱軍隊將阻止台灣獨立行為
  •   China's top general says the country's military will stop any efforts by Taiwan to officially declare independence from the mainland.
  • 中國軍隊高級將領說,中國軍隊將制止台灣任何正式宣佈從中國大陸獨立的努力。

  •   China's official Xinhua news agency quotes General Guo Boxiong, Vice-Chairman of the Communist Party's Military Commission, as saying Beijing will never tolerate Taiwan independence.
  • 中國官方的新華社援引中國中央軍委副主席郭伯雄將軍的話說,北京絕不會容忍台灣獨立。

  •   He said if the island tries to formally separate from the mainland, the military will fulfill its mission to safeguard the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • 他說,如果台灣試圖正式從中國獨立,中國軍隊將執行捍衛國家主權和領土完整的使命。

  •   General Guo made the pledge during a discussion with military delegates to the national legislature Monday, one day after Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian made unusually strong pro-independence remarks.
  • 郭伯雄將軍星期一在和軍方參加人大會議的代表討論時發出這一誓言.一天前,台灣總統陳水扁不同尋常地發表了主張獨立的強硬言論。


  • (2007-03-07) ------

  • Chinese Foreign Minister Urges Japan to Face up to History of "Comfort Women"
  • 中國外長敦促日本正視「慰安婦」歷史
  •   Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing is calling on Japan to face up to history and take responsibility for the forced recruitment of women for Japanese military brothels during World War Two.
  • 中國外交部長李肇星呼籲日本面對歷史,承擔日本在二戰期間強行為日本軍方妓院徵召「慰安婦」的責任。

  •   Li told reporters Tuesday the treatment of so-called "comfort women" is one of the serious crimes committed by Japanese troops during the war.
  • 李肇星星期二對記者說,「慰安婦」的遭遇是日本軍隊在二戰期間犯下的嚴重罪行之一。

  •   Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said his country will not apologize again for the women's treatment.
  • 日本首相安倍晉三星期一說,日本不會對「慰安婦」的遭遇再次道歉。

  •   Mr. Abe said he stands by a 1993 government apology on the issue.
  • 安倍晉三說,他支持日本政府在 1993 年就這一問題做出的道歉。

  •   Japan's parliament did not back the apology, and the Japanese government has paid no reparations to the women.
  • 日本國會當時沒有支持那次道歉,日本政府也沒有對慰安婦提供任何賠償。

  •   The Japanese leader created controversy last week when he said there is no evidence that women were coerced into sexual servitude during the war.
  • 安倍晉三還說,沒有證據顯示這些婦女被迫在戰爭期間提供性服務.他的這番話引起了爭議。


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