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三月份 第 05 課

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  • (2010-03-05) ------

  • US Unemployment Rate Steady at 9.7%
  • 美國 2 月份失業率持穩 9.7 %
  •   The U.S. unemployment rate held steady at 9.7 percent in February, with 14.9 million Americans were out of work.
  • 美國 2 月份失業率穩定在 9.7 %,失業人數為 1490 萬人。

  •   Friday's report from the Labor Department says the economy had a net loss of 36,000 jobs for the month.
  • 勞工部星期五發佈報告說,2 月份就業人數減少 3 萬 6000 人。

  •   The report also says the jobless rate was higher for men than for women, and higher for blacks than for whites.
  • 報告還說,男性失業率高於女性,黑人高於白人。

  •   Unusually bad winter weather snarled commerce in some parts of the United States, which probably cost some jobs, but it is not clear how many.
  • 異常惡劣天氣導致美國部分地區商業活動停頓,可能造成一些人失業,但還不清楚具體數量。

  •   The report says employment dropped in the construction and information sectors, but rose for temporary help services.
  • 報告說,建築和資訊行業就業人數下降,但臨時服務行業就業人數增加。

  •   Hiring temporary workers can be a step toward eventually adding full-time employees.
  • 雇用臨時員工的僱主可能最終會增加全職僱員。

  •   February's job losses are far lower than those of early 2009, when 700,000 jobs were vanishing each month.
  • 2 月份新增失業人數大大低於 2009 年初水準,當時就業人數每個月減少 70 萬人。


  • (2010-03-05) ------

  • Aftershocks Shake Chile
  • 智利發生餘震
  •   A series of strong aftershocks has rattled Chile, not far from where the deadly 8.8 magnitude quake caused widespread destruction and triggered a tsunami nearly a week ago.
  • 距離智利發生 8.8 級大地震不遠處發生一系列強烈餘震;近一星期前的一場大地震給智利造成大範圍破壞,並引發了海嘯。

  •   The U.S. Geological Survey says the aftershock early Friday had a magnitude of 6.6 and was centered 41 kilometers northwest of Concepcion, the city hardest hit by last Saturday's quake.
  • 美國地質調查局說,星期五早晨的餘震為 6.6 級,震央位於康塞普西翁西北處 41 公里;康塞普西翁是上週六地震中受災最嚴重的地區。

  •   There are no immediate reports of damage or injuries. A magnitude 6.3 aftershock rocked northern Chile late Thursday.
  • 目前還沒有餘震造成人員傷亡和破壞的消息;星期四晚間,強度為 6.3 級的餘震襲擊智利北部。

  •   Earlier, Chile declared a three-day mourning period to remember those lost in Saturday's quake.
  • 早些時候,智利宣佈了為期三天的哀悼期,以紀念那些在星期六地震中喪生的人。

  •   The official death toll from the quake stands at 802, but reports say Chile is reviewing that figure because in some places the missing were counted as dead.
  • 官方公佈的死亡人數為 802 人,但是有關報導指出,智利正在重新審核這些數字,因為一些地方的失蹤人員被列為死者。

  •   President Michelle Bachelet has said it could take at least three or four years to rebuild the country.
  • 巴切萊特總統表示,智利大地震後的重建工作至少需要三到四年。


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