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三月份 第 06 課

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  • (2006-03-09) ------

  • China Rejects Japan's Proposal Over Gas Dispute
  • 中國拒絕日本關於東海油氣田爭端的建議
  •   China has rejected a Japanese proposal for joint development of disputed gas deposits under the East China Sea.
  • 中國拒絕了日本提出的聯合開發東海水域有爭議的油氣田的建議。

  •   A spokesman with China's foreign ministry said today (Thursday) that Beijing disagreed with the proposal, mainly due to Tokyo's demarcation of a maritime boundary that China does not recognize.
  • 中國外交部發言人星期四說,中方不同意日方的建議,主要是因為中國不認同日方提出的海上分界線。

  •   Wednesday, Tokyo rejected a counter proposal from China to jointly develop two areas in the north and south of the East China Sea.
  • 星期三,日本拒絕了中國提出的一個建議。中國建議雙方聯合開發東海南北兩個水域。

  •   Talks between the two sides wrapped up Tuesday in Beijing with pledges to meet for a fifth round of discussions in Tokyo. No date has been set.
  • 雙方會談星期二在北京結束。雙方承諾在東京舉行第五輪會談,但是沒有定訂具體日期。

  •   Both parties have suggested working together on the project but have failed to agree on details. The dispute centers on an area near Okinawa rich in oil and gas reserves.
  • 雙方都建議就這一問題合作,但在具體問題上存在分歧。爭執的焦點是靠近沖繩島的一處油氣蘊藏豐富的海域。


  • (2006-03-09) ------

  • Serbia Confirms Discovery of Lethal Bird Flu Strain
  • 塞爾維亞證實發現致命禽流感病毒
  •   Health experts in Serbia have confirmed its first case of the lethal strain of the bird flu virus. A wild swan was found dead last week near the border with Croatia.
  • 塞爾維亞的衛生專家證實,該地區出現第一起可致命的禽流感病毒感染。上星期在毗鄰克羅埃西亞的地區發現一隻野天鵝死亡。

  •   Officials say tests run on the bird show it tested positive for the H5N1 strain of the virus. Officials have ordered all domestic birds in Serbia to be kept inside.
  • 官員說,檢驗結果,這隻死天鵝的H5N1型病毒檢驗呈陽性反應。有關官員已經下令所有塞爾維亞地區家禽都必須關在飼養室裡。

  •   In Germany, health officials say a stone marten, a weasel-like mammal, has been detected with the H5N1 strain of the virus.
  • 在德國,衛生官員說,在一種類似鼬鼠的動物身上發現了H5N1型病毒。


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