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三月份 第 06 課

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  • (2007-03-08) ------

  • Indonesian Plane Crash Kills 22
  • 印尼飛機事故二十二人喪生
  •   An Indonesian plane has burst into flames upon landing in the central Java city of Yogyakarta, killing at least 22 people.
  • 一架印度尼西亞客機星期三在爪哇島中部城市日惹降落時起火燃燒,造成至少 22 人死亡。

  •   The Garuda Airlines jet was carrying 140 people when it overshot the runway Wednesday at the Yogyakarta airport and crash landed in a rice field.
  • 這架印尼鷹航的 737-400 型客機上當時有 140 人.客機在日惹機場降落時飛過了跑道,在一塊稻田裡迫降。

  •   Earlier reports had the the death toll from the incident at 49.
  • 早些時候報導的死亡人數是 49 人。

  •   Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered an immediate investigation into the crash.
  • 印尼總統尤多約諾下令立即對這起事故進行調查。

  •   At least 10 Australians were on board the Boeing 737-400, including foreign diplomats and journalists covering Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer's visit to Indonesia. Downer was not on the plane.
  • 這架客機上至少有 10 名澳大利亞人,包括外交官員和報導澳大利亞外長唐納訪問印尼的記者.唐納本人不在飛機上。

  •   Many of the survivors are being treated for burns and other injuries at local hospitals. Some people are still unaccounted for.
  • 很多倖存者在當地醫院接受燒傷等傷勢的治療.一些人仍然下落不明。

  •   Some survivors say the plane started to shake while descending.
  • 一些倖存者說,飛機在降落過程中開始搖擺。

  •   Others say they smelled smoke before the plane landed.
  • 還有一些人說,他們在飛機著陸前聞到煙的味道。


  • (2007-03-08) ------

  • North Korea Requests 300,000 Tons of Fertilizer from South Korea
  • 北韓要求韓國提供三十萬噸化肥
  •   South Korea's Unification Ministry says North Korea has asked for 300-thousand tons of fertilizer aid from Seoul.
  • 韓國統一部說,北韓要求首爾提供 30 萬噸化學肥料的援助。

  •   The ministry says North Korea made the request through the Red Cross.
  • 統一部說,北韓通過紅十字會提出上述要求。

  •   Seoul is reluctant to resume full-scale shipments of aid to North Korea until Pyongyang fulfills its recent promise to begin dismantling its nuclear program.
  • 在北韓履行最近做出的拆除其核設施的承諾之前,韓國不願全面恢復向北韓的援助。

  •   However, South Korea's Unification minister said last week his country would consider resuming some deliveries of food and fertilizer.
  • 不過,韓國統一部長官上星期表示,韓國願意考慮部份恢復食物和化學肥料的提供。

  •   South Korea suspended the shipments last July after North Korea test-fired a series of missiles.
  • 去年 7 月北韓進行了一系列導彈試驗後,韓國暫停了援助。

  •   The countries have been working to repair their strained relations since Pyongyang made the nuclear disarmament pledge last month at six-nation talks in Beijing.
  • 自從北韓上個月在北京舉行的六方會談期間承諾撤除核設施後,雙方一直在努力修復他們一度緊張的關係。


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