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一月份 第 09 課

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  • (2014-01-13) ------

  • Iran Nuclear Deal to Take Effect Jan. 20
  • 伊朗核項目協議將於 1 月 20 日開始生效
  •   A deal to limit Iran's nuclear program in exchange for limited sanctions relief is set take effect January 20.
  • 有關伊朗限制其核項目以換取國際社會放鬆制裁的協議定於 1 月 20 日開始生效。

  •   Officials from both sides confirmed the start date Sunday, after experts spent weeks discussing how to implement the six-month pact they first agreed to in November.
  • 協議雙方的官員星期日確認了協議生效日期;在此前數星期裏,專家們討論了如何實施這項去年 11 月達成的有效期為半年的協議。

  •   Iran will limit its uranium enrichment to five percent and reduce its stock of higher-enriched uranium, while also allowing United Nations inspectors to access nuclear facilities.
  • 伊朗將把鈾濃縮純度限制在 5 %,並削減高純度濃縮鈾的儲備量,同時允許聯合國檢查員進入其核設施。

  •   In exchange, the United States and European Union will ease sanctions that have squeezed Iran's economy.
  • 作為交換,美國和歐盟將放鬆對伊朗的制裁;伊朗經濟因受到制裁而遲滯。

  •   Iran and the six world powers, which include the U.S., Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany, will use the six months to continue negotiations on a long-lasting deal to address fears that Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons.
  • 伊朗和世界六強國將利用這半年時間繼續就一項長期協議進行談判,以打消對伊朗尋求研製核武器的憂慮;六強國包括美國、英國、中國、法國、俄羅斯和德國。

  •   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said reaching a comprehensive agreement will be tough, but that the negotiations are the best way to resolve the issue "peacefully and durably."
  • 美國國務卿克里說,達成一項全面協議將是艱巨的,但談判是 “和平及持久” 解決這一問題的最佳途徑。


  • (2014-01-13) ------

  • Israel Holds Memorial for Late PM Sharon
  • 以色列為去世的總理沙龍舉行追思儀式
  •   Israel is holding a state memorial service for former prime minister Ariel Sharon, who died Saturday at the age of 85.
  • 以色列為前總理沙龍舉行全國追思儀式;沙龍星期六去世,享年 85 歲。

  •   The service Monday at the country's parliament will be followed by a private funeral at Mr. Sharon's ranch in the Negev desert in southern Israel.
  • 追思儀式於星期一在以色列議會大廈舉行,隨後將在以色列南部內蓋夫地區沙龍的農場舉行私人安葬儀式。

  •   U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and former British prime minister Tony Blair are among those speaking at the memorial.
  • 美國副總統拜登和前英國首相布萊爾在追思儀式上發言。

  •   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said officials from Russia, Germany, Spain, Canada and the Czech Republic are also among those attending the service.
  • 以色列總理內塔尼亞胡的辦公室說,俄羅斯、德國、西班牙、加拿大和捷克共和國的官員也出席了追思儀式。

  •   Mr. Sharon's body lay in state for several hours in parliament Sunday as mourners paid their last respects.
  • 沙龍的遺體星期天在以色列議會大廈安放幾小時,供悼念者瞻仰。

  •   He served as Israel's prime minister from 2001 until 2006 when he had a massive stroke that left him in a coma for the last eight years of his life.
  • 沙龍從 2001 年擔任以色列總理,直至 2006 年中風;在中風後的 8 年中,他再也沒有恢復知覺。

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