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七月份 第 10 課

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  • (2010-07-14)------

  • China Cuts Funding for 'Green Dam' Web Filter
  • 中國減少 "綠壩" 的財務支援
  •   The makers of controversial Chinese Internet filtering software say they are struggling financially after being cut off from government funding.
  • 中國飽受爭議的互聯網過濾軟體製造商之一 “北京大正語言知識處理科技有限公司” 稱,由於政府停止財務支援,公司財務運營十分困難。

  •   Green Dam Youth Escort was launched last year with the stated goal of protecting children from pornography and violent content on the Internet.
  • 該公司和一批其他公司去年推出過濾軟體 "綠壩花季護航",稱目的是為了保護兒童免受網上色情和暴力內容的侵害。

  •   But the Chinese government backed off from requiring it to be installed on all personal computers sold in China in the face of complaints, including warnings it could be used to censor political content.
  • 但在面對眾多不滿和抱怨,中國政府停止要求國內個人電腦安裝這個軟體。有人警告說,這個軟體可被用來審查政治內容。

  •   An official at one of the makers (Beijing Dazheng Human Language Technology Academy) confirmed Wednesday the company had been forced to move to new offices because of financial problems, but said it is still in business with 30 employees.
  • 北京大正語言知識處理科技有限公司星期三證實,由於財務原因,公司辦公室已被迫搬至新的地址,但目前該公司仍在運營,有僱員 30 名。

  •   Chinese state media said the company has received no government funding since a $6.2 million payment in May 2009.
  • 中國國家媒體稱,該公司自 2009 年 5 月從政府收到 620 萬美元後,就沒有再得到政府的資助。


  • (2010-07-14)------

  • British Foreign Secretary Seeks Closer Trade Ties With China
  • 英外相尋求加強對華貿易
  •   British Foreign Secretary William Hague is in Beijing seeking closer trade and economic ties with China on behalf of his country's new coalition government.
  • 英國外交大臣黑格在北京代表英國新聯合政府尋求與中國更緊密的經貿聯繫。

  •   Hague, in China for the first time as foreign secretary, says he is also hoping to patch up disputes over China's attitude to climate change and its execution last year of a British citizen accused of drug smuggling.
  • 這是黑格第一次以外交大臣身份訪華;他說,他還希望能化解兩國間在一些問題上的爭議,這包括中國在氣候變化問題上的態度,以及去年中國處死一名被指控走私毒品的英國公民。

  •   But the British official refused to back off from concerns about Tibet.
  • 但是黑格拒絕在西藏問題上讓步。

  •   He told reporters Britain wants to see greater stability for the Chinese-ruled territory, which he said requires work on human rights and autonomy.
  • 他告訴記者,英國希望在中國統治下的西藏能夠更加穩定,而這需要在人權和地區自治方面作出努力。

  •   Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, who appeared at a press conference with Hague, took the criticism in stride.
  • 中國外長楊潔篪與黑格一起出席了新聞發佈會;楊潔篪從容面對了批評。

  •   He said common interests between the two countries far outweigh the differences.
  • 他說,兩國的共同利益遠大於分歧。


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