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八月份 第 03 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2013-08-05)------

  • US Military Helicopter Crashes on Okinawa
  • 一架美軍直升機在沖繩島墜毀
  •   U.S. and Japanese officials say a U.S. Air Force helicopter has crashed on Japan's southern island chain of Okinawa.
  • 美國和日本官員說,美國空軍的一架直升機在日本南部沖繩島墜毀。

  •   Authorities say the crash took place Monday afternoon at a training ground near the U.S. Marine's Camp Hansen in central Okinawa.
  • 有關當局說, 墜機事件星期一下午發生在位於沖繩中部的美國海軍陸戰隊漢森營地的訓練場附近。

  •   Video footage showed black smoke rising from a fire in a forested area.
  • 錄影顯示失事的森林地區有一處起火,冒著黑煙。

  •   There is no information about casualties on the aircraft or on the ground.
  • 目前還沒有關於機組人員以及地面人員的傷亡的消息。


  • (2013-08-05)------

  • HRW Urges Syria to Curb Missile Attacks
  • 人權觀察敦促敘利亞軍隊停止導彈攻擊
  •   Human Rights Watch is calling on Syrian forces to end what it calls the indiscriminate use of ballistic missiles in populated areas.
  • 人權觀察組織敦促敘利亞軍隊停止任意向居民區發射彈道導彈。

  •   The U.S.-based group said Monday it has investigated nine apparent ballistic missile attacks this year that killed 215 civilians, mainly in the city of Aleppo and its surrounding province.
  • 總部設在美國的人權觀察星期一說,該組織今年對 9 次疑似彈道導彈攻擊進行了調查,這些攻擊造成 215 名平民死亡,主要發生在阿勒頗市及周邊地區。

  •   Aleppo is Syria's largest city, and has been among the key fronts in the civil war between President Bashar al-Assad and rebels trying to push him from power.
  • 阿勒頗是敘利亞最大城市,同時也是阿薩德總統的政府軍與致力於推翻阿薩德的反政府組織進行內戰的主要前沿地區之一。

  •   Human Rights Watch said there were no apparent military targets near where seven of the attacks took place, causing significant civilian damage with no apparent military advantage.
  • 人權觀察說,在上述導彈襲擊中,有 7 次並未針對顯著的軍事目標,對平民造成了重大損失,看來卻沒有取得軍事上的進展。

  •   It criticized the use of ballistic weapons, saying even if there are fighters in a given area, the weapons cannot accurately target them. The result, the group says, has been "devastating" to civilians.
  • 人權觀察指責使用彈道導彈的做法,表示即使有戰鬥人員在該地區活動,彈道導彈也不可能準確地擊中他們,其結果是對平民造成極大破壞。

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