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八月份 第 02 課

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  • (2013-08-02)------

  • US to Close Embassies August 4
  • 美國 8 月 4 日將關閉部份使館
  •   The United States will close a number of its embassies and consulates around the world on Sunday for security reasons.
  • 出於安全原因,美國星期天將關閉在世界各地的一些大使館和領事館。

  •   The State Department did not specify which missions have been asked to close, nor the type of threat they face.
  • 美國國務院沒有具體說明已經要求哪些領事館關閉,也沒有說這些領事館面臨哪種威脅。

  •   But a statment said the embassies and consulates that have been told to close are ones normally open on Sundays.
  • 但國務院在一份聲明說,被告知關閉的領事館通常在星期天是工作的。

  •   That would include embassies in the Muslim world, where the work week generally is from Sunday to Thursday.
  • 這意味著其中有在穆斯林國家的大使館;這些國家的工作日一般是從星期天到星期四。

  •   Spokeswoman Marie Harf called the move a precautionary measure.
  • 美國國務院發言人哈夫稱此舉為預防措施。


  • (2013-08-02)------

  • US, Russian Ties Strained by Snowden's Asylum
  • 美俄關係因斯諾登獲庇護緊繃
  •   The Obama administration says it is "extremely disappointed" that Russia has granted fugitive U.S. intelligence leaker Edward Snowden temporary asylum.
  • 歐巴馬政府對俄羅斯給予逃亡的美國情報洩密者愛德華‧斯諾登臨時庇護表示 “極度失望”。

  •   Snowden left the transit zone of the Moscow airport Thursday after being stuck there for more than a month.
  • 在被困一個多月之後,斯諾登星期四離開了莫斯科機場的轉機區。

  •   His lawyer said he was given a year's asylum and a work permit, and was taken to a secret location.
  • 他(斯諾登) 的律師說,他獲得一年庇護期以及一份工作許可,並被帶到了一個秘密地點。

  •   His Russian lawyer says Snowden is planning to speak with the news media in the future, but only after getting acclimated to his new situation.
  • 斯諾登的俄羅斯律師表示,斯諾登有計劃在未來接受新聞媒體採訪,但必須得等到他對新的環境適應了之後。

  •   White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday that officials are reevaluating next month's scheduled talks between Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in Moscow.
  • 白宮發言人卡尼說,官員們正在重新評估下個月歐巴馬總統和普京總統在莫斯科舉行會晤的必要性。

  •   He said the Kremlin ignored very clear requests, in public and in private, that Snowden be sent back to the United States for trial.
  • 他說,克里姆林宮對於美國公開和私下提出的把斯諾登送回美國受審的非常明確的要求未予理睬。

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