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八月份 第 02 課

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  • (2010-08-03)------

  • UN: 3.2 Million Impacted by Pakistan Flood
  • 聯合國:巴基斯坦洪災殃及 320 萬人
  •   The United Nations says the worst floods to hit Pakistan in 80 years have impacted 3.2 million people, amid warnings of new flooding and further devastation.
  • 聯合國表示,巴基斯坦 80 年來最嚴重的洪災使得 3 百 20 萬人受到影響,與此同時,有警告說,還會有新的洪災和更多的破壞。

  •   The U.N. Children's Fund says more than a million children are in need of emergency assistance.
  • 聯合國兒童基金會說,一百多萬名兒童需要緊急援助。

  •   The floods -- which were triggered by monsoon rains -- have killed at least 1,400 people, the majority in the country's northwest.
  • 這次由季風帶來的暴雨引發的洪災導致至少 1400 人死亡,其中的大部分在巴基斯坦西北部。

  •   UNICEF says there is a crucial need for food and safe drinking water, and is warning of the potential for waterborne disease outbreaks such as diarrhea and cholera.
  • 聯合國兒童基金會說,急需食品和安全飲用水,並且警告可能出現像痢疾和霍亂這類由水傳播的疾病的大爆發。

  •   Pakistani authorities issued new flood warnings on Tuesday as heavy rainfall continued.
  • 隨著暴雨的繼續,巴基斯坦當局星期二發出了新的洪災警告。

  •   Residents living near Warsak Dam on the outskirts of Peshawar in northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province were put on alert as water levels rose.
  • 位於巴基斯坦西北部開伯爾-普赫圖赫瓦省白沙瓦郊區的沃爾瑟格大壩的水位不斷上升,大壩附近居民處於戒備狀態。

  •   Floodwaters were also reportedly moving southwards towards Punjab and Sindh provinces.
  • 有報導說,洪水正在朝著南部的旁遮普省和信德省方向移動。

  •   Relief efforts have already been hampered by flooded roads and washed out bridges, as well as damaged utilities.
  • 由於道路被淹,橋梁被衝垮,公共設施被破壞,救援工作受阻。


  • (2010-08-03)------

  • Violence in Pakistani city of Karachi Kills 45
  • 巴基斯坦卡拉奇暴力事件致 45 人死亡
  •   Pakistani officials say at least 45 people have been killed and scores wounded in the southern port city of Karachi, in an outbreak of violence following the assassination of provincial lawmaker.
  • 巴基斯坦官員說,在一名省議員遭到暗殺之後,南部港口城市卡拉奇發生的暴力事件,導致至少 45 人死亡,幾十人受傷。

  •   Authorities say protesters took to the streets in the country's second-largest city, burning dozens of cars and shops.
  • 當局說,抗議者走上卡拉奇這個巴基斯坦第二大城市的街頭,焚燬了幾十輛汽車和店舖。

  •   Police and troops patrolled the streets Tuesday, working to restore calm in the city of more than 16 million people.
  • 星期二,警察和軍隊在街上巡邏,試圖使這個擁有 1 千 6 百萬人口的城市恢復平靜。

  •   On Monday, gunmen on motorcycles shot and killed lawmaker Raza Haider and his bodyguard as they attended the funeral for one of Haider's relatives in the Nazimabad area of the city.
  • 星期一,騎摩托車的槍手開槍打死了省議員拉扎‧海德爾和他的保鏢,當時他們正在卡拉奇的納茲馬巴德城區參加海德爾一個親戚的葬禮。

  •   Haider was a member of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, or MQM, which is part of the ruling political coalition in both Sindh province and the federal government.
  • 海德爾是民族統一運動的成員;這個黨在信德省和巴基斯坦聯邦政府都是執政政治聯盟的組成部分。

  •   His funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.
  • 他(海德爾) 的葬禮定於星期二舉行。

  •   Karachi has seen bursts of ethnic and sectarian violence.
  • 卡拉奇以前也爆發過民族和派系之間的暴力事件。


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