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八月份 第 02 課

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  • (2006-08-01)------

  • EU Foreign Ministers Meet on Mideast Crisis
  • 歐盟外長開會討論中東危機
  •   European Union foreign ministers are trying to agree on a draft statement calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.
  • 歐盟國家外長努力就呼籲以色列和真主黨遊擊隊在黎巴嫩停火的聲明草案達成一致。

  •   But diplomats at the talks in Brussels say Britain and Germany have rejected a draft that calls for an immediate ceasefire.
  • 但是在布魯塞爾參加會談的外交人士說,英國和德國拒絕接受一份呼籲立即停火的草案。

  •   They say the two countries have proposed a call for an eventual cessation of hostilities.
  • 他們說這兩個國家提出了一項最終結束敵對狀態的建議。

  •   Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja said Israel's decision to intensify the offensive against Hezbollah will only increase support for the militant group.
  • 芬蘭外交部長埃爾基.圖奧米奧亞說,以色列加強對黎巴嫩真主黨攻勢的決定只會使這個激進組織得到的支援。

  •   Finland is the current president of the 25-member European Union.
  • 芬蘭是有25個成員的歐盟的輪值主席國。

  •   France has led calls for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. Britain has resisted, calling instead for an international force in Lebanon to make sure a truce is sustainable.
  • 以法國為首的國家呼籲立即實現無條件停火.英國拒絕接受,提議在黎巴嫩部署一支國際部隊以確保持久的停戰。

  •   Earlier Tuesday during a visit to Beirut, Iran's foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, criticized the United Nations Security Council for its failure to stop the fighting.
  • 星期二早些時候,伊朗外長穆塔基訪問貝魯特的時候批評聯合國安理會沒能制止戰爭。


  • (2006-08-01)------

  • Castro Yields Power Temporarily to Younger Brother
  • 卡斯特羅向弟弟臨時移交權力
  •   Citizens of Cuba are waiting for news about the health of President Fidel Castro after he relinquished power for the first time in nearly 50 years of rule.
  • 古巴國民在等待有關古巴領導人菲德爾.卡斯特羅健康狀況的消息.卡斯特羅在掌權將近50年後第一次移交權力。

  •   The Cuban leader's spokesman read a statement Monday saying the handover is temporary.
  • 卡斯特羅的發言人星期一宣讀了一份聲明說, 權力移交是暫時的。

  •   The statement says Mr. Castro had surgery for gastrointestinal bleeding brought on by stress and he will rest for the next few weeks.
  • 聲明說,卡斯特羅由於壓力導致胃腸出血,接受了手術,將需要休息幾個星期。

  •   His brother and designated successor Raul Castro will assume presidential powers and lead Cuba's Communist Party.
  • 他的弟弟、已定的接班人勞爾.卡斯特羅將接掌總統權力並領導古巴共產黨。

  •   In the U.S., Cuban exiles in Miami (Florida) are celebrating the news of the Cuban president's illness by dancing in the streets of the city's Little Havana neighborhood.
  • 在美國,佛羅裏達州邁阿密的古巴流亡者在被稱為小哈瓦那的社區街頭跳舞,慶祝古巴總統患病的消息。

  •   Fidel Castro turns 80 later this month. He has appeared increasingly frail in recent years and is rumored to have Parkinson's disease.
  • 菲德爾.卡斯特羅8月底滿80歲.最近幾年,他的身體看來越來越虛弱.有傳聞說,他患有帕金森氏綜合症。


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