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八月份 第 05 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2008-08-07)------

  • Beijing Olympic Torch Carried Over Historic Great Wall
  • 北京奧運火炬傳遞經過長城
  •   Thousands of people cheered as the Olympic torch was carried across Beijing's famous Great Wall today (Thursday) on the eve of the Games' opening ceremony.
  • 北京奧運開幕前夕,奧運火炬今天 (星期四) 經過北京著名的長城時,數以千計的人發出歡呼。

  •   The torch run began with an elaborate ceremony at the Great Wall's popular Badaling section, complete with live percussionists accompanying patriotic music blaring from speakers.
  • 奧運火炬傳遞在旅遊勝地八達嶺長城的盛大儀式中開始,儀式在擴音器中的愛國音樂和鑼鼓聲中結束。

  •   A haze that hung over the wall made it difficult to see parts of the famous monument.
  • 長城籠罩在一片霧氣中,很難看清這個著名景觀的一些地段。

  •   China's torch relay, much like its hosting of the Olympics, has been a constant source of both praise and protest.
  • 中國的奧運火炬傳遞很像中國主辦奧運本身,一直不斷地引發讚揚和抗議。

  •   Today, Chinese authorities detained three Christian human rights activists after they protested for a second day in China's Tiananmen Square.
  • 今天,中國當局在三名基督教人權活動人士在中國天安門廣場連續第二天舉行抗議活動後,拘留了他們。

  •   Wednesday, Chinese authorities deported four foreign pro-Tibetan activists for demonstrating in Beijing.
  • 星期三,中國當局把四名在北京示威支援西藏的外國活動人士驅逐出境。

  •   More than 40 Olympic athletes have signed a letter urging China to seek a peaceful solution to the Tibetan situation, and to respect and protect basic human rights.
  • 40 多名奧運選手在一封信件上簽名,敦促中國尋求和平解決西藏問題以及尊重和保護基本人權。


  • (2008-08-07)------

  • Bush Arrives for Olympics After Criticizing China on Rights
  • 布希在批評中國人權後抵達出席奧運開幕式
  •   U.S. President George Bush has arrived in China to attend the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games.
  • 美國總統布希已經抵達中國,準備出席 2008 年奧運會開幕式。

  •   He touched down in Beijing today (Thursday) hours after bluntly criticizing China's human rights record.
  • 布希在今天 (星期四) 抵達北京的幾個小時前,直率地批評了中國的人權記錄。

  •   In a speech in Thailand, Mr. Bush praised U.S. economic and diplomatic ties with Beijing.
  • 布希在泰國發表講話時,讚揚美國與北京之間的經濟與外交聯盟關係。

  •   But he said the United States "stands in firm opposition" to China's detention of political, human rights and religious activists.
  • 但他表示美國「堅定地反對」中國羈押政治、人權與宗教活動人士。

  •   Mr. Bush urged China to trust its people with greater freedom, saying that is the only way for China to develop to its full potential.
  • 布希敦促中國給予本國人民更大自由,並說這是中國充分發揮自身潛能的唯一途徑。

  •   The Chinese Foreign Ministry said it opposed what it called "any words or acts" that interfere in internal affairs. It said China's people enjoy a range of freedoms.
  • 中國外交部說,中國反對干涉其他國家內政的「任何言辭和行動」;外交部還說,中國人民享有廣泛的自由。


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