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八月份 第 07 課

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  • (2009-08-11)------

  • Burma's Sentencing of Aung San Suu Kyi Draws Global Outrage
  • 緬甸對昂山素姬判刑引發全球憤怒
  •   The Burmese government's decision to keep opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest for another 18 months has drawn strong criticism from world leaders.
  • 緬甸軍事統治者決定把反對派領袖昂山素姬再軟禁 18 個月引起世界領導人的強烈批評。

  •   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's office released a statement Tuesday saying he "strongly deplores" the move.
  • 聯合國秘書長潘基文的辦公室星期二發表聲明說,潘基文“強烈譴責”緬甸政府的決定。

  •   He also urged Burma's military rulers to release Aung San Suu Kyi immediately and unconditionally and engage her in talks on national reconciliation.
  • 他還敦促緬甸軍人統治者立即無條件釋放昂山素姬,並同她進行國家和解的談判。

  •   Mr. Ban says that if Burma's opposition leader and all other political prisoners are not allowed to take part in elections next year, the credibility of the vote will be in doubt.
  • 潘基文說,如果緬甸反對派領袖和其他所有政治犯不獲准參加明年的選舉,投票的可信性將受到質疑。

  •   U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday Aung San Suu Kyi should not have been tried or convicted and repeated calls for her release.
  • 美國國務卿希拉芯‧克林頓星期二說,昂山素姬本不應該被審判或被定罪;她再次呼籲釋放昂山素姬。

  •   The Swedish presidency of the European Union called her trial a breach of national and international law.
  • 歐盟輪值主席國瑞典稱,審判昂山素姬違反國家和國際法。

  •   It says EU nations will reinforce economic sanctions targeting Burma's military leadership.
  • 瑞典說,歐盟國家將加強對緬甸軍事領導人的經濟制裁。


  • (2009-08-11)------

  • Fresh Violence in Southern Afghanistan
  • 阿富汗南部遭受新一輪暴力襲擊
  •   A fresh wave of violence has hit parts of southern Afghanistan, raising the number of dead civilians and troops just nine days ahead of the country's presidential elections.
  • 阿富汗南部部分地區遭受了新一輪的暴力襲擊,造成平民和部隊的死亡人數上升,而此時距離阿富汗的總統選舉只有 9 天時間。

  •   Afghan officials Tuesday said separate roadside bombs targeted civilian vehicles in Kandahar province.
  • 阿富汗官員星期二說,在坎大哈省發生了幾起以平民車輛為目標的路邊炸彈爆炸事件。

  •   A doctor at the hospital in Kandahar city says nine people were killed, including two women. At least four other civilians were wounded.
  • 在坎大哈市醫院的一名醫生說,有九個人被炸死,其中包括兩名婦女。至少有四名平民受傷。

  •   NATO officials said Tuesday three U.S. troops were killed in separate clashes with Taliban insurgents over the previous three days in the southern part of the country.
  • 北約官員星期二說,過去三天在阿富汗南部分別有三名美國士兵在幾起和叛亂分子的衝突中喪生。

  •   The last few weeks have been especially deadly for Western troops in Afghanistan.
  • 西方軍隊過去幾週在阿富汗的傷亡慘重。

  •   Almost 30 international troops have been killed so far this month, according to a count by the Associated Press.
  • 根據美聯社所做的統計,這個月至今為止已有近 30 名國際部隊士兵喪生。


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