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三月份 第 03 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2006-03-06) ------

  • Pakistani Forces Continue to Attack Militants at Border Areas
  • 巴部隊繼續打擊邊境反叛分子
  •   Pakistani forces backed by helicopter gunships have continued to pound Islamic rebel positions in the semi-autonomous tribal region bordering Afghanistan for the third straight day.
  • 巴基斯坦部隊在武裝直升機的支援下接連三天持續打擊阿富汗邊界附近半自治部落地區的伊斯蘭反叛據點。

  •   Military officials say that, according to latest information, more than 100 pro-Taleban militants and five government soldiers have been killed in the North Waziristan area since Saturday.
  • 軍方官員說,根據最新情報,星期六以來有100多名親塔利班的激進分子和五名政府軍士兵在北瓦濟里斯坦地區被打死。

  •   The clashes began when militants attacked a security outpost in the region's main town of Miranshah and seized several government buildings.
  • 激進分子在地區重鎮米蘭沙赫襲擊了一個安全哨卡並占領了幾座政府建築後爆發了戰鬥。

  •   Local officials say the army imposed a curfew in the town after re-taking control of the buildings.
  • 當地官員說,軍方重新控制這些建築後實行了宵禁。


  • (2006-03-06) ------

  • Iraqi Security Forces Accused of Torturing Prisoners
  • 伊安全部隊被指折磨囚犯
  •   The human-rights group Amnesty International says Iraqi security forces operating alongside the U.S.-led multinational forces are torturing prisoners in Iraq.
  • 人權組織的國際特赦組織說,與美國領導的多國部隊並肩作戰的伊拉克安全部隊折磨囚犯。

  •   The London-based rights group says in a report Monday that human-rights situation in Iraq is dire. Prisoners in facilities run by Iraqi security forces have been subjected to beatings and electric shocks, Amnesty International says, and a number of prisoners have died.
  • 這個設在倫敦的人權組織星期一發佈報告說,伊拉克人權狀況很糟糕。國際特赦組織說,在伊拉克安全部隊管理的監獄設施內囚犯受到毆打和電擊,若干囚犯已經死亡。

  •   The report says thousands of Iraqi detainees classified by the multinational force as "security internees" are being held without charges and are unable to contact lawyers.
  • 報告還說,被多國部隊列為“安全問題拘留人員”的數千伊拉克人在沒有被起訴的情況下被關押,而且無法接觸律師。

  •   Amnesty International says it is imperative that multinational authorities and the Iraqi government re-assert the importance of fundamental human rights if they want to stop Iraq from sliding into civil war.
  • 國際特赦組織說,多國部隊和伊拉克當局如果希望阻止伊拉克陷入內戰,就必須重新確認遵守人權根本原則。


EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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