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三月份 第 03 課

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  • (2007-03-05) ------

  • Bird Flu Outbreak in Southern Vietnam
  • 越南南部發現禽流感疫情
  •   Health officials in Vietnam say bird flu has been detected in ducks in the country's south, one day after authorities there lifted a ban on hatching ducks and other waterfowl.
  • 越南衛生官員說,在越南南部鴨子身上發現了禽流感病毒.一天前,有關當局剛剛解除了對孵化鴨子和其它水禽的禁令。

  •   Authorities say tests showed 800 ducks in the Mekong delta province of Vinh Long were infected with bird flu, but it is not immediately clear if they had the H5N1 strain of the virus.
  • 有關當局說,檢測結果顯示,湄公河三角洲地區的永隆省有 800 隻鴨子感染了禽流感病毒,但是目前還不清楚,它們感染的是不是 H5N1 型病毒。

  •   All the birds have been slaughtered.
  • 這些鴨子已經全部被宰殺。

  •   Earlier this week Vietnamese authorities announced am outbreak of bird flu in the country's north. Vietnam plans to begin a massive new poultry vaccination campaign in the coming week.
  • 越南當局本周早些時候宣佈,北部地區爆發了禽流感.越南計劃在下周展開新的大規模家禽疫苗活動。

  •   Earlier bird flu outbreaks in the country have been controlled through culling and vaccinations.
  • 越南以前爆發禽流感疫情後都是通過宰殺家禽和注射疫苗加以控制。

  •   More than 160 people have died from bird flu worldwide since the outbreak began in 2003.
  • 自從 2003 年禽流感爆發以來,世界各地已經有 160 多人死於禽流感。


  • (2007-03-05) ------

  • Shanghai to Prosecute Nine Officials in Pension Scandal
  • 上海擬起訴涉社保基金案醜聞九官員
  •   China's state-run media say authorities in Shanghai plan to prosecute nine former government and state industry officials in a corruption scandal involving the city's social security fund.
  • 中國官方媒體報導,上海市有關當局計劃起訴涉嫌上海市社保基金案醜聞的 9 名前政府和國營企業官員。

  •   The Xinhua news agency reports Friday that the nine people facing indictment include Zhu Junyi, the former chief of the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau.
  • 新華社星期五報導,面臨起訴的 9 人中包括原上海市勞動和社會保障局局長祝均一。

  •   Xinhua says the charges range from taking large bribes to leading decadent lifestyles.
  • 新華社說,這些人受到巨額受賄和生活腐化等指控。

  •   The scandal involves the disappearance of more than 400 million dollars from the city's social insurance funds.
  • 這項醜聞涉及到上海市社保基金中 4 億多美元的失蹤。

  •   Xinhua says more than 12 senior officials and businessmen have been fired in connection with the investigation.
  • 新華社說,至少有 12 名高級官員和商界人士因為涉案被解除職務。

  •   Shanghai Communist Party Chief Chen Liangyu was removed from office and is under investigation.
  • 原上海市委書記陳良宇被解職,目前正在接受調查。


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