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三月份 第 03 課

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  • (2009-03-04) ------

  • Rights Group: Farmers Protest Three Gorges Dam Relocation
  • 人權組織:農民抗議三峽大壩移民
  •   A Hong Kong based human rights group says that farmers relocated to make way for the Three Gorges Dam have clashed with police in central China.
  • 一個設在香港的人權組織說,華中地區為建三峽大壩而被重新安置的農民與警察發生衝突。

  •   The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said in statement that on Monday and Tuesday villagers in a Chongqing municipality township blocked a road and clashed with hundreds of police.
  • 中國人權民運資訊中心發表聲明說,重慶某鎮的村民星期一和星期二封鎖一條道路,並與數以百計的警察發生衝突。

  •   The rights group's statement said two police cars were overturned during the protests.
  • 聲明說,兩輛警車在抗議活動中被掀翻。

  •   An elderly woman told the French news agency (AFP) that the farmers were upset because they did not receive enough money for relocation.
  • 一名老年婦女對法新社說,這些農民由於沒有得到足夠的安置費而感到憤怒。

  •   The local witness told AFP that police used pepper spray on protesters and that blood was spilt during the clashes.
  • 當地的目擊者對法新社說,警察對抗議者使用辣椒噴劑,衝突中發生流血。

  •   In the process of building the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydroelectric project, more than 1.4 million people were forced to move.
  • 三峽大壩是世界上最大的水利工程,140 多萬人在大壩興建過程中被迫遷移。

  •   Relocations have been plagued by reports of corruption and poor conditions for migrants in their new homes.
  • 據報導,重新安置過程中存在腐敗,移民的新居條件很差。


  • (2009-03-04) ------

  • China to Open Quake Zone to Tourists
  • 中國將向遊客開放地震區
  •   Chinese state media say that later this month, the ruins left by last year's massive earthquake in southwest Sichuan will be opened to tourists.
  • 中國國家媒體說,這個月晚些時候,四川省去年大地震的遺址將向遊客開放。

  •   The China Daily newspaper says tour groups will be able to go boating on a quake lake and visit a museum featuring an earthquake simulation.
  • 中國日報說,旅遊團將能在堰塞湖上乘船觀看,並參觀一個模擬地震的博物館。

  •   A local official tells the newspaper that in response to demand, the one-day tour will include a visit to Beichuan High School, where students were buried in the rubble.
  • 一位當地官員對中國日報說,為了滿足需求,這個震區一日遊將包括北川高中;那裏有很多學生在地震中被埋在倒塌校舍下。

  •   In Beichuan, eighty percent of the buildings were leveled when the May 12th earthquake hit.
  • 在去年 5 月 12 號發生的地震中,北川縣 80 % 的房屋倒塌。

  •   The earthquake left more than 80,000 people dead.
  • 地震造成 8 萬人喪生。

  •   The report said the government will spend $131 million to turn the ruins in Beichuan and surrounding areas into tourism sites.
  • 中國日報的報導說,政府將支出 1 億 3 千 100 萬美元,把北川以及周邊地區的廢墟開發為旅遊區。


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