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三月份 第 03 課

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  • (2008-03-05) ------

  • Chinese Hijacker Shot and Killed After Taking Australians Hostage
  • 中國劫持者劫澳大利亞人質中槍亡命
  •   Chinese police have shot and killed a bus hijacker in northwest China after he took a group of Australian tourists hostage.
  • 中國警方開槍打死一名在中國西北地區劫持一組澳大利亞遊客為人質的客車劫持者。

  •   Media reports from Australia and China say the man was armed with explosives and took 10 Australian tourists and their interpreter hostage.
  • 澳大利亞和中國的新聞媒體報導說,劫持男子攜帶有爆炸物,劫持了 10 名澳大利亞遊客和他們的翻譯為人質。

  •   Nine were later released.
  • 後來 9 名人質獲得釋放。

  •   China's official Xinhua news agency says police shot and killed the hostage-taker after negotiations failed, securing the release of a 48-year old Australian woman.
  • 中國官方的新華社說,警方在談判失敗後開槍打死了人質劫持者,使一名 48 歲的澳大利亞婦女獲釋。

  •   Xinhua says the standoff lasted about two hours and took place in the center of Xian city in China's Shaanxi province.
  • 新華社說,這場對峙持續了大約兩個小時,發生在陜西省西安市的市中心。

  •   Xian is a popular tourist stop in China and near the site of the famed terracotta army where thousands of life-sized figures of warriors and horses are preserved in a tomb with China's first emperor.
  • 西安是中國一個熱門旅遊景點,附近有舉世聞名的守護中國歷史上第一位皇帝陵寢的數以千計真人大小兵馬俑的遺址。


  • (2008-03-05) ------

  • Fire Kills 8 Disabled Children in Southern China
  • 大火燒死中國南部八名殘障兒童
  •   Chinese state media say a fire at a home for the disabled has killed at least eight children in Huizhou City, Guangdong province.
  • 中國官方媒體報導說,廣東省惠州市一家殘障兒童福利院發生火災,造成至少 8 名兒童喪生。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency says the children died of smoke inhalation after a mosquito-repellent incense coil set fire to bed covers.
  • 官方新華社說,在蚊香引發被單失火之後,這些兒童被煙燻致死。

  •   The accident happened overnight.
  • 事故是發生在半夜。

  •   The report says the children were apparently asleep when smoke filled their room.
  • 報導說,在濃煙充斥著屋子的時候,這些孩子顯然正在熟睡中。

  •   The institution's staff found them early Wednesday.
  • 福利院工作人員在星期三早晨時發現他們。

  •   The eight children were aged four to eight and were either blind, physically or mentally disabled.
  • 8 名死亡兒童年齡 4 到 8 歲,有身障或智障,或是盲人。


EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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