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三月份 第 03 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2010-03-03) ------

  • Chilean Crews Continue Search for Quake Survivors
  • 智利救援人員繼續搜尋地震倖存者
  •   Chilean rescue crews are continuing to search for survivors, four days after an 8.8-magnitude earthquake devastated parts of the country and killed nearly 800 people.
  • 智利救援人員在大地震發生四天後繼續搜尋倖存者;星期六的 8.8 級大地震造成近 800 人喪生。

  •   Officials said Wednesday the death toll from the February 27 quake is likely to increase as crews recover bodies under piles of rubble.
  • 有關官員星期三說,隨著救援人員在廢墟和瓦礫下挖掘出更多的屍體,2 月 27 日地震死亡人數可能還會上升。

  •   As the recovery effort continues, Chilean troops are working to stop the looting and violence that brought chaos to cities like Concepcion.
  • 在救援工作繼續進行之際,智利軍隊設法制止哄搶和暴力事件;這些事件導致康塞普西翁等城市陷入一片混亂。

  •   Many stores have been ransacked and some have been set ablaze.
  • 很多商店被洗劫,一些店舖被放火焚燒。

  •   An 18-hour curfew remains in place in Concepcion, the country's second largest city, and military personnel are on patrol to make sure food and water are distributed properly.
  • 智利第二大城市康塞普西翁長達 18 個小時的宵禁仍在進行中,軍人在街上巡邏,確保食品和水的分發順利進行。

  •   Concepcion was the city closest to the epicenter of the earthquake.
  • 康塞普西翁是離地震震央最近的城市。

  •   Some residents are taking steps to ensure their own security, setting up roadblocks to keep track of everyone entering their neighborhoods.
  • 一些居民自發採取行動,確保他們的安全;他們設立路障,並記錄每一個進入居民區的人。


  • (2010-03-03) ------

  • Three Chinese Dairy Executives Convicted in Tainted Milk Case
  • 中國判處三名奶粉廠負責人有期徒刑
  •   Three Chinese dairy executives have been convicted and sent to prison for reselling tainted milk that sickened hundreds of thousands of children in 2008.
  • 中國以銷售有毒食品罪判處三名奶粉廠負責人有期徒刑,這些有毒奶粉在 2008 年使數十萬兒童患病。

  •   A court in Shanghai sentenced the executives to prison terms of between three to five years during a hearing Wednesday.
  • 上海法院星期三判決上海熊貓乳品有限公司的三名負責人有期徒刑三到五年。

  •   All three executives worked for Shanghai Panda Dairy Company, where food safety inspectors found eight batches of condensed milk and milk powder contaminated with melamine.
  • 食品安全檢查人員發現該公司生產的八批煉乳和奶粉三聚氫胺超標。

  •   The dairy was shut down, and its business and food production licenses revoked.
  • 該公司已被關閉,並吊銷了其營業執照和食品生產許可。

  •   Six children died and 300,000 became ill after they consumed milk laced with melamine, which is used for making plastics, fertilizers and concrete.
  • 有六名兒童在食用三聚氫胺超標奶製品後死亡,另外 30 萬名兒童患病;三聚氫胺是用於製造塑膠、化肥和水泥的化學品。

  •   Its high nitrogen content allows protein levels to appear higher when it is added to milk or animal feed.
  • 當加入牛奶或動物飼料時,其高氮含量可以使牛奶或飼料的蛋白質含量看起來更高。

  •   When consumed by humans melamine can cause kidney stones and kidney failure.
  • 人體食用含有三聚氫胺的食物會導致腎結石和腎衰竭。


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