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一月份 第 12 課

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  • (2014-01-16) ------

  • China Confirms Hypersonic Missile Delivery Test
  • 中國證實進行了高超音速導彈傳送器試驗
  •   China has conducted an experimental flight of a hypersonic missile delivery vehicle designed to travel several times faster than the speed of sound.
  • 中國進行了高超音速飛行器試驗,這種飛行器的速度是音速的數倍。

  •   Beijing's Defense Ministry did not comment on the outcome of the test, which it called scientific in nature and not targeted at any particular country.
  • 中國國防部沒有對試驗結果發表評論,聲稱這次試驗是科學性質,並非針對任何特定國家。

  •   The Pentagon confirmed, but would not comment on, the Chinese test, which comes as some in the U.S. worry about China's rapid military growth.
  • 五角大廈證實了這一消息,但沒有發表評論,目前一些美國人對中國軍力迅速增長感到擔憂。

  •   If perfected, hypersonic technology could allow countries to strike targets anywhere in the world within minutes, going undetected by missile defense systems.
  • 如果高超音技術得到完善,擁有這種技術的國家就能避開導彈防禦系統,在幾分鐘內打擊世界任何地區的目標。

  •   The test was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, which quoted U.S. officials who said the vehicle flew at Mach 10, or 10 times the speed of sound.
  • 華盛頓自由燈塔網站率先報導了有關這次試驗的消息,並援引美國官員的話說,這種飛行器的速度為 10 馬赫,即音速的 10 倍。


  • (2014-01-16) ------

  • Thai Authorities to Investigate Rice Program for Corruption
  • 泰國當局調查水稻項目是否有腐敗
  •   Thai authorities say they will start a corruption investigation into a government subsidy program for rice farmers, in the latest setback for embattled Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.
  • 泰國當局說,他們將開始對政府補貼稻農的項目進行反腐調查,這是備受攻擊的英拉總理遭到的最新挫折。

  •   The country's anti-corruption agency on Thursday announced the move. It was welcomed by Thai opposition protesters who have staged days of anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok calling for Mrs. Yingluck to step down.
  • 泰國反腐機構星期四宣佈了這一舉動;泰國反對黨抗議人士對此表示歡迎;他們連續多日在曼谷舉行反政府示威,要求英拉下台。

  •   Under the program, the government purchased rice from Thai farmers for above market prices.
  • 按照這個補貼項目,政府以高於市場的價格從泰國農民手中購買稻米。

  •   The government is now stuck with large stockpiles of rice it has been unable to sell.
  • 目前,政府手中積壓了大批賣不出去的稻米。

  •   Critics say the program cost the country millions of dollars.
  • 批評人士說,這一項目耗費了國家數以百萬計美元。

  •   They say Mrs. Yingluck used the initiative to win support among the rural population, which represents the main base of her ruling Pheu Thai party.
  • 他們說,英拉利用補貼爭取農村選民的支援;農村人口是她的執政黨為泰黨的主要票倉。

  •   It is yet to be seen whether the announcement will breathe life into the opposition protest movement, which is showing signs of losing momentum.
  • 宣佈反腐調查是否會給反對派的抗議運動注入新的活力,還有待觀望;抗議運動出現勢頭減弱的跡象。

  •   Opposition protesters marched outside government revenue offices in Bangkok on Thursday.
  • 反政府抗議者星期四在曼谷的政府稅收辦公樓外遊行。

  •   Though thousands showed up for the march, and many more remained camped out in key intersections throughout the city, the numbers are dwindling.
  • 雖然有數千人參加遊行,還有很多人留在曼谷各主要路口,繼續在那些地段安寧扎寨,但抗議人數正在減少。

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