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七月份 第 11 課

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  • (2013-07-15)------

  • China's Economic Growth Slows
  • 中國經濟增長放緩
  •   China's economic growth has slowed to its lowest level since 1991, with the world's second largest economy hurt in part by weak trade.
  • 世界第二大經濟體中國的經濟增速減緩到 1991 年以來的最低水準,其中的部份原因是進出口貿易疲弱。

  •   The National Bureau of Statistics released a report Monday showing that the economy expanded 7.5 percent over a year earlier in the three months ending in June, down from the previous quarter's 7.7 percent.
  • 中國國家統計局星期一發佈的報告顯示,今年第二季度經濟同比增長百分之 7.5,比第一季度百分之 7.7 的增速有所下降。

  •   Economist Ren Xianfang of IHS Global Insight said China's growth of under 8 percent for five straight quarters is "a clear sign of distress."
  • 國際諮詢公司 HIS 環球透視經濟學家任先芳說,中國經濟增速連續 5 個季度低於百分之 8,這是 “不景氣的明顯跡象”。

  •   The statistics bureau said the slowdown was a result of weak economic conditions abroad and a result of reforms taken by the new government that the report says will benefit its economy in the long run.
  • 中國國家統計局說,經濟增速減慢源於其他國家經濟環境乏力,也是新一屆政府實施改革的結果;報告說,改革將使國家經濟長期受益。

  •   There is no indication so far that Beijing will respond with any major stimulus or shift in economic policy.
  • 目前沒有跡象顯示北京將採取任何重大刺激措施,或通過改變經濟政策來應對經濟增長減緩。

  •   The economic slowdown, along with a decrease in Chinese demand for various goods, could have global repercussions.
  • 中國經濟放緩,加上中國國內對各種商品需求的減少,可能產生全球性的影響。


  • (2013-07-15)------

  • US Stresses 'Inclusive' Egypt
  • 美國強調埃及需要成立具有包容性的政府
  •   U.S. officials are in Cairo to meet with Egypt's interim leaders and stress the need for a transition to "an inclusive, democratically elected civilian government."
  • 美國官員在開羅會晤埃及臨時領導人,強調埃及需要過渡到一個具有包容性的民選文官政府。

  •   Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns is making the first visit by a high-ranking U.S. official since the military ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi earlier this month.
  • 美國副國務卿伯恩斯目前在埃及;自埃及軍方本月早些時候罷免穆爾西總統後,這是美國高層官員首次對埃及進行訪問。

  •   The State Department says his talks Monday and Tuesday also include civil society and business leaders.
  • 美國國務院說,伯恩斯星期一和星期二還將與公民社會與企業界領導人進行會談。

  •   Those meetings come as Mr. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood urges its supporters to gather peacefully Monday in Cairo for the latest in a series of mass protests against his removal.
  • 與此同時,穆爾西所屬的穆斯林兄弟會敦促其支援者星期一在開羅舉行和平集會;穆斯林兄弟會已經舉行了一系列大規模抗議活動,反對軍方罷免穆爾西。

  •   Thousands have been rallying for days near a mosque in northeast Cairo to demand the former president's reinstatement.
  • 幾天來,成千上萬人在開羅東北部的一座清真寺附近舉行集會,要求恢復穆爾西的總統職位。

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