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八月份 第 06 課

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  • (2010-08-09)------

  • North Korea Fires Artillery on Eve of Military Talks
  • 北韓在軍事會談前夕發射炮彈
  •   South Korea's Defense Ministry says North Korea fired artillery into the waters off its west coast Monday.
  • 南韓國防部說,北韓星期一向它的西海岸外的海域發射炮彈。

  •   It is not clear how many artillery shells the North fired or how close they were to the disputed Yellow Sea border with South Korea.
  • 目前還不清楚北韓發射了多少枚炮彈,以及炮彈落點離南韓有爭議的黃海邊界有多近。

  •   The incident comes a day before colonels from North Korea and the U.S.-led U.N. Command are to hold talks in the Demilitarized Zone to clear the way for a meeting between generals, who are expected to discuss rising tensions.
  • 一天後,北韓軍隊和美國領導的聯合國軍司令部的上校級軍官將在非軍事區會談,為舉行一次將軍級會談鋪路;預計,雙方的將軍將討論日益升級的緊張局勢。

  •   In another development Monday, South Korea demanded that North Korea release a 7-man fishing boat crew and their vessel, seized on Sunday.
  • 另一方面,南韓星期一要求北韓釋放在星期天扣押的漁船和船上七名船員。

  •   Unification Ministry spokesman Chun Hae-sung told reporters Pyongyang has not sent Seoul any information about the fishermen.
  • 南韓統一部發言人千海成星期一告訴記者,平壤沒有向首爾方面發出任何有關漁民的資訊。


  • (2010-08-09)------

  • Indonesian Police Arrest Radical Cleric Bashir
  • 印尼警方逮捕激進神職人員巴希爾
  •   Indonesian police say they have arrested radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir for alleged terrorist links with a new militant network.
  • 印尼警方說,他們以回教徒神職人員巴希爾據稱同一個新的激進網路有恐怖主義聯繫,將其逮捕。

  •   National Police spokesman Edward Aritonang says Bashir was involved in training, selecting leaders, planning terrorist attacks and raising money for al-Qaida in Aceh.
  • 印尼國家警察發言人阿裏托南說,巴希爾參與了在亞齊的基地組織的培訓,選拔頭目,策劃恐怖襲擊和籌款等相關活動。

  •   Al-Qaida in Aceh is a relatively new group made up of disaffected members of Jemaah Islamiyah, which is responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people.
  • 在亞齊的基地組織是一個相對來說比較新的組織,由伊斯蘭祈禱團的離心分子組成;伊斯蘭祈禱團製造了 2002 年巴厘島爆炸案,導致 202 人喪生。

  •   Authorities said Bashir was arrested Monday morning in West Java's Ciamis district.
  • 當局說,巴希爾星期一早上在西爪哇省的尖米士區被逮捕。

  •   He was to be taken to the capital, Jakarta, for questioning.
  • 他將被帶到首都雅加達受審。

  •   Security Analyst Ken Conboy says authorities have known for some time About Bashir's involvement with the new group.
  • 安全分析師康博伊說,當局知道巴希爾參與這個新組織已經有一段時間了。

  •   Bashir has been arrested twice in the past for involvement with terrorist attacks.
  • 巴希爾在過去因參與恐怖襲擊被逮捕了兩次。


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