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八月份 第 13 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2008-08-19)------

  • Liu Xiang has apologized
  • 劉翔道歉
  •   Chinese sprinter Liu Xiang has apologized to his fans and his country after his sudden withdrawal in the 110 meter hurdles due to injury.
  • 中國短跑運動員劉翔因受傷突然退出 110 米跨欄比賽後,向他的體育迷和全國人民道歉。

  •   Liu said the pain was "unbearable" and that he risked further injury to his Achilles tendon if he tried to finish Monday's race.
  • 劉翔說,他的疼痛「難以忍受」,如果他試圖完成星期一的比賽,他會面臨腳跟肌腱拉傷加劇的風險。

  •   Liu became the first Chinese athlete to win a gold medal in a track event when he won the 110 meter hurdles at Athens in 2004.
  • 劉翔在 2004 年贏得雅典奧運會 110 米跨欄比賽的冠軍,成為第一位贏得徑賽項目金牌的中國運動員。

  •   After his victory in Athens his fame rose to the level of basketball star Yao Ming.
  • 在雅典勝利之後,劉翔的知名度上升到與籃球明星姚明齊名。

  •   The 25-year-old Liu has received support from many of those involved with the Beijing Games.
  • 今年 25 歲的劉翔得到許多參與北京奧運會的人的支援。

  •   Vice President Xi Jinping, whom many believe to be the successor to President Hu Jintao, urged Liu to recover quickly so he could - in Xi's words - "win greater honor for the motherland."
  • 國家副主席習近平關照劉翔盡快恢復,用他的話說「為祖國贏得更大榮譽」;習近平被普遍認為是中國國家主席胡錦濤的接班人。

  •   Liu has also received support from his sponsors like Nike.
  • 劉翔還得到「Nike」等贊助商的支援。

  •   Even martial arts movie star Jackie Chan extended his support by writing on his Web site that Liu is China's "young hero."
  • 甚至武術電影明星成龍在自己的網站上也予以支援,寫下劉翔是中國的「年輕英雄」。


  • (2008-08-19)------

  • China Confirms 18 Dead in Coal Mine Explosion
  • 中國確認 18 礦工死於礦井爆炸
  •   China has confirmed that 18 of 25 miners trapped in a coal mine Monday after a gas explosion have died.
  • 中國確認,在星期一瓦斯爆炸之後被困在一個煤礦裡的 25 名礦工中有 18 人已經死亡。

  •   Updating earlier figures, the official Xinhua news agency said today (Tuesday) that 14 miners were rescued from the Baijiagou Coal Mine in Faku in the northeast province of Liaoning.
  • 官方的新華社今天 (星期二) 的報導更新了早些時候的數字;報導說在東北遼寧省法庫縣的百家溝煤礦,有 14 名礦工被救出。

  •   Two of the men later died, despite efforts to save them.
  • 有兩人於搶救無效後死亡。

  •   Xinhua said 56 other miners escaped without injury and that efforts to reach the seven still underground are ongoing.
  • 新華社說,其他 56 名礦工得以逃生,沒有受傷,同時,救援仍困在地下的 7 名礦工的努力正在進行中。

  •   China's mines are the world's deadliest, killing almost 38-hundred people by explosions, cave-ins and floods last year.
  • 中國的煤礦是世界上死亡人數最多的;去年,由於爆炸、坍塌和透水等事故造成了將近 3800 人的死亡。


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