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八月份 第 20 課

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  • (2009-08-28)------

  • Tens of Thousands Pay Final Respects to Kennedy
  • 成千上萬悼念者對甘迺迪表達敬意
  •   Americans have lined up by the thousands to say one last goodbye to the late U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, the influential lawmaker and last member of a generation of Kennedy political leaders.
  • 成千上萬名美國民眾排起長隊,送別已故美國參議員愛德華‧甘迺迪。甘迺迪是一位很有影響力的參議員,同時也是甘迺迪家族一代政治領袖中的最後一名成員。

  •   For a second day, members of Kennedy's family greeted those who gathered in Boston (Massachusetts) at the library and museum named for the late senator's brother, slain President John F. Kennedy.
  • 對甘迺迪的悼念進入第二天,甘迺迪家族成員對聚集在波士頓約翰‧甘迺迪總統圖書館兼展覽館的人群致意。遇刺身亡的約翰‧甘迺迪總統是愛德華‧甘迺迪參議員的哥哥。

  •   The senator's staff estimated that 25,000 people filed past the flag-draped coffin Thursday, and the line of mourners again extended around the building on Friday.
  • 參議員的工作人員估計,星期四有 2 萬 5 千人瞻仰了覆蓋著美國國旗的甘迺迪參議員的靈柩;星期五,甘迺迪圖書館外又排起了長隊。

  •   The longtime Democratic senator died Tuesday at the age of 77, after a year-long battle with brain cancer.
  • 這位資深的參議員在同腦癌進行了一年的鬥爭後,於星期二病逝,享年 77 歲。

  •   A private memorial service is scheduled to take place after public viewing of the closed casket wraps up later in the day.
  • 在公眾瞻仰星期五晚間結束之後,甘迺迪家族將在同一地點舉行私人悼念儀式。

  •   U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, a long-time Democratic colleague in the Senate, as well as former U.S. presidential candidate Republican Senator John McCain, are among those expected to speak.
  • 美國副總統拜登,也曾經是參議院資深民主黨派同僚,以及前共和黨總統候選人參議員麥凱恩預計將發表演講。

  •   President Barack Obama will deliver a eulogy Saturday at a funeral Mass in Boston before the senator's burial at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington.
  • 星期六,奧巴馬總統將在波士頓舉行的葬禮彌撒上致悼詞;甘迺迪參議員將在首都華盛頓附近的阿靈頓國家公墓安葬。


  • (2009-08-28)------

  • South and North Korea Reach Agreement on Family Reunions
  • 南北韓達成離散家庭臨時團聚協議
  •   South and North Korea have agreed to resume holding reunions for families separated by the Korean War, starting next month.
  • 南北韓雙方同意在下個月重新開始為韓戰造成的離散家庭安排團聚。

  •   The two sides agreed Friday to hold six days of temporary reunions involving 200 families, with the first one scheduled for September 26, just before Korea's major (Chuseok) holiday.
  • 雙方星期五達成協定,同意為 200 個家庭安排為期六天的臨時團聚;家庭團聚活動將於 9 月 26 號開始,正值中秋節前夕。

  •   The last time reunions took place was in October 2007.
  • 上一次家庭團結在 2007 年 10 月舉行。

  •   Red Cross delegations from the two Koreas reached the agreement following three days of talks at the North's Mount Kumgang resort.
  • 這是來自南北韓雙方的紅十字會代表團在北韓渡假地金剛山三天會談的成果。

  •   The agreement is the latest sign of easing tensions between the two sides after more than a year of hostility.
  • 一年多以來,南北韓之間一直充滿敵意;而這次達成的協議使雙邊關係顯示出解凍的最新跡象。

  •   But the head of the South Korean delegation, Kim Young Chul, told reporters his negotiators did not get everything they wanted from the North.
  • 但是,南韓代表團團長金勇哲告訴記者,代表團此行並沒有達成所有預期的使命。

  •   Kim said the issue of prisoners of war and citizens believed kidnapped by North Korea remains to be solved.
  • 金勇哲表示,韓戰戰俘以及據信被北韓綁架的南韓公民問題依舊沒有得到解決。


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