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八月份 第 20 課

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  • (2010-08-27)------

  • Carter Wins Freedom for US Man Imprisoned in North Korea
  • 卡特幫助被北韓關押的美國人重獲自由
  •   A chartered flight carrying Aijalon Mahli Gomes is due shortly in Boston, where Gomes' mother and family members are waiting to welcome him home after eight months in a North Korean prison.
  • 一架載有戈梅斯的包機預計不久將抵達波士頓,他的媽媽和家人正在那裏等待,歡迎他回家;戈梅斯被北韓的一所監獄裏關押了八個月。

  •   Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter secured the American citizen's release during his mission to Pyongyang.
  • 美國前總統卡特出訪平壤,使戈梅斯這位美國公民獲釋。

  •   His aides said the flight would land early Friday afternoon (2 pm EDT).
  • 他(卡特) 的助手說,飛機將在美國東部時間星期五下午 2 點鐘的時候抵達波士頓。

  •   Television footage showed Mr. Carter embracing the smiling Gomes on the runway at Pyongyang's airport before they boarded the private jet.
  • 電視畫面顯示,卡特在平壤機場的跑道上擁抱了帶著微笑的戈梅斯,之後他們乘坐私人飛機離開平壤。

  •   The U.S. State Department said it welcomed the release, stressing that this was the sole purpose of Mr. Carter's private mission.
  • 美國國務院對戈梅斯的獲釋表示歡迎,同時強調,戈梅斯的獲釋是卡特這次私人訪問的唯一目的。

  •   There has been widespread media speculation that Mr. Carter also would hold political talks with the North Koreans.
  • 媒體曾普遍猜測,卡特會和北韓舉行政治會談。


  • (2010-08-27)------

  • US Economic Growth Slowing
  • 美國經濟增長放緩
  •   The U.S. economy is growing at a slower pace than previously thought, increasing worries about recovery from the recession.
  • 美國經濟的增長速度比先前預計的要慢一些,這增加了人們對美國經濟從衰退中恢復的擔憂。

  •   Friday's Commerce Department report shows the economy grew at a 1.6 percent annual rate between April and June.
  • 美國商務部星期五公佈的一份報告顯示,美國經濟在四月到六月期間的年增長率為 1.6 %。

  •   That is down eight-tenths of a percent from a previous estimate.
  • 這比先前估計的增長率降低了 0.8 %。

  •   The report on the gross domestic product is the broadest measure of the economy.
  • 這份有關國內生產總值的報告是對美國經濟最全面的一個衡量。

  •   Economic growth has been hurt by Americans buying more imported goods instead of purchasing things produced locally.
  • 美國經濟的增長也因為美國人購買更多的進口商品而不是美國產品而受到損害。

  •   This is just the latest in a string of disappointing economic reports, which means Friday's speech by U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke will get more than the usual attention from investors and economists.
  • 這份報告僅僅是一系列令人失望的經濟報告中最新的一份;這意味著美聯儲主席伯南克星期五的講話將會得到投資人和經濟學家更多的關注。

  •   The central bank chief will be addressing top economic officials from the United States and other nations at an annual symposium at a resort in Wyoming.
  • 伯南克將在懷俄明州一個度假勝地舉行的年度研討會上對美國以及其他國家的高級經濟官員發表講話。


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